The $20 Secret Weapon I Use to Mask Unpleasant Trash Odors (It’s Hidden In Plain Sight!)

published Aug 7, 2023
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Credit: Lula Poggi

One of my biggest pet peeves at home is a stinky trash can. I have no one to blame for smelly trash — it is what it is. However, if I can stop odors from food waste, pets, and other messes from wafting through my apartment, I’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen. Yes, I’ve gotten rid of trash cans that can’t contain bad odors, since I don’t think it’s too much to ask that a garbage can perform one of its basic functions.

I’ll admit that there are times when it just can’t be helped: Sometimes foul trash is just too powerful for the bin it’s in — but fortunately, there are workarounds. One method I love to use to tackle yucky trash odor is the Odorsorb Pods from simplehuman. They’re highly-effective and do all the work so I don’t have to. (At least not until it’s time to take the trash out!)

What Is the Odorsorb Pod?

Simplehuman’s Odorsob Pods are small capsules containing natural oils that discreetly help to neutralize odors in your trash can. The starter pack comes with two pods and a pod holders that sticks to the underside of a trash can lid with an adhesive strip. The pods are plant-based, contain no harmful chemicals, and keep your garbage bin stink-free for 45 days. Once you peel off the backing to activate the odorsorb pod, simply slide it into the holder and you’re all set.

The pods don’t have a scent of their own, but do the job of preventing unwanted trash smells from taking over the kitchen. When the oil in the pod disappears, you’ll know it’s time to replace it. Plus, if there’s ever a time you’d prefer to remove the pod and holder altogether, you can do so without damaging your trash can.

Credit: simplehuman

Why I Love the Odorsorb Pod

I’m a huge fan of simplehuman trash cans for a number of reasons: They’re spacious, durable, stylish, and innovative. However, I love that you can use the Odorsorb Pod with any trash can with a lid — even if it’s not from simplehuman. They’re compact and portable, and did a great job of keeping foul odor contained in my trash can. My apartment isn’t large, so if the trash can stinks, it’s apparent as soon as I step through the door. With an Odorsorb Pod in place, the only smell anyone catches when they walk in is the citrus-scented reed diffuser that’s on a shelf near the front door.

The Odorsorb Pod refill packs are as affordable as the starter pack. They can be purchased in sets of four or eight, and retail for $20 and $35, respectively. An auto-refill option is also available. Since I started using the Odorsorb Pods, I’ve gotten the rest of my family on board, too! My mom even got a simplehuman trash can and Odorsorb trash can liners — how’s that for a stamp of approval?