Redditors Share Their Go-To Keto Meals for When They Don’t Want to Cook

updated Jan 10, 2020
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When work goes late, traffic is bad, or the day goes haywire — emotionally or physically — cooking can be that last thing even the most passionate kitchen fiend wants to do. Sometimes that means takeout or instant soup, but when you’re trying to adhere to a specialized diet, things get even harder. “I miss the convenience of going to the shop and picking up some sausage rolls for dinner,” complained one Redditor, and so they posed the question to others in the r/xxketo forum: what’s their go-to meal when they don’t want to cook.

The responses are helpful not just for those doing a keto plan, but for anyone looking for great protein-heavy, carb-light meal and snack ideas. The bulk of the responses leaned on deli meats and cheeses, rotisserie chicken, tuna salad, and tons of eggs.

Here’s a few of the best-sounding highlights:

  • Cheesy peppy bites: Take some pepperoni, slice up a couple string cheese into rounds, and place one round between two pepperoni. Microwave 20 seconds. Top with hot sauce.
  • Eggs with just about anything, scrambled up quickly in a pan. Sure, it’s cooking, but it’s faster than even just placing a takeout order.
  • Quick and easy shakshuka: Put some jarred tomato sauce in a nonstick pan, crack two eggs in little divots, cover and cook until desired doneness. I add shredded cheese on top too.
  • Egg drop soup: Chicken broth, couple shakes of ground ginger, whisk in an egg.
  • Tuna salad on a low carb tortilla and a pickle.
  • High-protein salad: Deli rotisserie chicken, salad bag, hard-boiled eggs, and blue cheese crumbles with blue cheese dressing.
  • Roll ups: Deli turkey, cheese, sliced sandwich dill pickle, hot pepper relish, and mayo.
  • Shrimp: Let frozen cooked shrimp thaw for ten minutes, peel and eat — and dip in melted butter if desired.

Do you have any brilliant low-effort keto recipes? Let us know in the comments!