Australian Tim Tam Biscuits Are Finally Available in America

updated May 24, 2019
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Arnott’s Tim Tam Biscuits are the world’s most popular chocolate biscuits. Despite being a cult favorite for Australians and readily available in 40 countries around the world, they never made their debut in the United States, leaving Americans with two choices: visiting the land down under or sourcing Tim Tams at duty-free shops in airports.

Now, they’ve finally launched in America and consumers can finally experience what the hype is about. Get excited.

“Tim Tam biscuits are available nationwide in all major supermarkets, grocery stores, and mass merchandisers,” an Arnott’s rep told the Huffington Post.

The biscuit consists of a delicious cream sandwiched between two malted biscuits and coated in chocolate. It sounds simple, but no one has been able to replicate it as successfully as Arnott’s.

Four different flavors are coming to the American market: original milk chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate-caramel, and dark chocolate-mint. The latter is an exclusive flavor available only for American consumers.

Tim Tams — created by Ian Norris, Arnott’s director of food technology, after six years of experimentation — were first released in February 1964 and named by Ross Arnott after a horse that won the 1958 Kentucky Derby. Since then, the popular biscuit has been released in many different flavors (including cheese-flavored ones in Indonesia), and more than 3,000 Tim Tams are made every minute.

Despite the fact that Arnott’s was eventually acquired by U.S. canned soup giant Campbell’s, the biscuit remained surprisingly MIA from the country. That is, until seven years ago when Pepperidge Farm, a sister company of Arnott’s, introduced the American version of the Tim Tam in select stores and on a trial run. Although, it should be noted that some insisted original Australian Tim Tams tasted better.

With authentic Tim Tams readily available now, the first order of business for consumers should be to attempt the Tim Tam Slam. This is when you bite both ends of the biscuit, turning it into a straw, then dip it into the beverage of your choice. The goal is to suck on the biscuit to draw the liquid through the biscuit, all while being sure to quickly eat the cookie in time before it disintegrates into a blob of mess.