The $29 Amazon Organizer Shoppers Can’t Stop Buying, Plus 9 More Affordable Solutions

published Feb 21, 2024
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Credit: Jason Rampe

If there’s any area in your home that’s worth organizing, it’s the kitchen. I can handle a bathroom counter or closet well enough, but when I’m trying to cook and can’t grab what I need instantly, I get way more annoyed — especially if I don’t have any time to spare. That’s why having organizers on hand, whether they go in the cabinet, drawer, or even on the countertop, is so important. Not only will they declutter your space and save you time and effort, but they’ll also improve your cooking experience. 

As you might expect, Amazon is one of our first stops when we’re in need of such an item. The giant retailer has every variation of organizer under the sun, and best of all, they usually go for a pretty decent price. I’ve rounded up the top 10 kitchen finds that thousands of Amazon shoppers purchased over the past month, ranging from an expandable cutlery organizer to a gadget that corrals food container lids. Scroll for the details!

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was $49.99

If your under-sink cabinet is understandably overrun with cleaning supplies, this bestseller should shoot straight to the top of your wishlist. A whopping 10,000 customers have purchased this L-shaped organizer that fits around pipes and makes the most of vertical space.

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These stackable, clear bins will save you space and allow you to see where everything is all the time. Plus, they’re extremely versatile — beyond using them in a cabinet for snacks or under the sink for dishwashing pods, they could even function as makeup or bathroom organizers.

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was $15.99

This $10 find isn’t your average sponge holder. Instead of sticking to the inside of your sink, it stays elevated by attaching to your faucet. You can say goodbye to your sponge getting gross and mildewy — and you can even use the provided hook to drape your dish towel off of it.

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was $53.13

We’ve all seen those TikTok videos where a pantry goes from chaotic to stunning after the user transfers all of their food to storage containers. That can become a reality for you, too, once you snag this budget-friendly set. There are four different sizes to accommodate your every need, and the lids are airtight, keeping food fresh longer.

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was $28.78

You can get the same effect in your fridge with this durable bin set. You’ll have a clear view of all of your food, and even better, each one has built-in handles so that transferring them between the fridge shelf to the countertop is a breeze.

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was $27.99

There’s nothing worse than rifling through a drawer of loose utensils — that’s where this nifty organizer comes in. It’s expandable, so it’ll make the most of every inch of your drawer. With three different sized slots to accommodate a range of tool sizes, you’ll get your items under control instantly.

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was $26.99

I’ll sing the praises of a turntable any day, and since this one is the top-ranking bestseller on Amazon, it appears so will Amazon shoppers. Even better, it's Kitchn-approved. "So far I’ve only used one rectangular turntable in my fridge, but I can see myself experimenting with another or putting one in my pantry," contributor Shifrah wrote in her review. "The rectangular shape helps this turntable fit into a modular storage system so there’s much less wasted space than when using round storage products."

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was $19.99

It’s no surprise to me that this lid organizer is a top seller this month; our contributor Shifrah swears by it. “First of all, the organizer is totally customizable. It has slots that you can fit dividers into, so you can sort your lids by size and configure the organizer accordingly,” she noted. “Second, the organizer allows you to store your lids vertically so that you can grab what you need with a simple touch — no unstacking and re-stacking (or lid avalanche) necessary.“

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was $39.98

If you want even more flexibility with your drawer organizer, look no further than these adjustable dividers, which can work essentially anywhere. It doesn’t hurt that the bamboo material looks super stylish, too.

10 / 10

These bins will help you save a ton of space on your fridge’s shelves — they come with lids, so you can stack them on top of each other. They’re especially ideal for produce, because of their tray and dripping hole design at the bottom, which keeps contents elevated.