8 Clever Ways to Store Your Kitchen Linens

(Image credit: Heartwood Kitchens)

There are three very distinct kinds of house linens — bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. And while it might seem like a good idea to store them all in one place, depending on the setup of your home or apartment, it’s likely more convenient to keep your kitchen linens in the kitchen.

Here are several different ways to carve out space for those dishtowels, cloth napkins, tablecloths, and more.

  • Pull Out Rack – Better Homes & Gardens: Make use of the space above your sheet pans in that narrow cabinet that all kitchens seem to have by adding a rack that pulls out and can store several dish towels.
  • Rolling Crates – I Heart Organizing: Your pantry floor doesn’t have to be wasted space. Instead add wheels to a few wooden crates and store linens inside. It also works perfectly for reusable totes or aprons.
  • Glassware Hutch – The T Cozy: A hutch is the perfect space to store linens on the lower shelves. If you’re good about keeping everything folded, you can simply stack them, but if you tend to mess up the piles when you grab a new dish towel, consider storing them in baskets or bins inside the hutch.
  • Under Shelf Baskets – The Kitchn: For a small linen collection, add a few under-shelf baskets to your cabinets or pantry. It’s an easy way to make use of normally wasted space.
(Image credit: Buckets of Burlap)
  • Utensil Crock – Buckets of Burlap: If you go through a lot of dish towels, consider keeping a few within arm’s reach on your counter when you’re cleaning up. Using a stoneware utensil crock keeps towels corralled and prettily displayed.
  • Hanging Linen Cabinet – Heartwood Kitchens: Ditch the traditional linen closet and opt for a cabinet instead. Even if you aren’t redoing your kitchen, you can easily add a hanging rack and drawers to an existing cabinet to recreate this idea.
  • Linen Drawers – Anthony Edwards Kitchens: By far the most common way to store your linens is in your kitchen drawers. Just make sure you use a shelf liner to prevent the drawers from snagging your towels or tablecloths. Plus, keeping things folded compactly will help you keep things in order.
  • Vintage Ladder – French Larkspur: You can also store some of your linens in plain sight if it makes sense for your decor. We love this vintage ladder, hung with tablecloths, that could go in the dining room or eat-in kitchen. It adds the perfect shabby chic look.