5 Beautiful Ways to Package Homemade Cookies and Treats

updated Oct 20, 2020
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(Image credit: B. and E. Dudzinscy)

Making cookies and treats for the holidays has always been the easy part for me. I can organize a shopping list, prep, freeze, and bake with great speed and efficiency and generally enjoy the whole process.

The packaging of it? Not so much for this creatively challenged baker. I want all my hard work to shine and for my cookie gifts to look and feel special, but I just don’t have the patience or talent to do something complicated. Here are five fun ways to package up your homemade treats that even I am excited to try out!

1. Stack on coasters.

Coasters make perfect decorative little plates. Stack your cookies and wrap them in cellophane or plastic wrap. Place the stack of cookies on a drink coaster and secure them with ribbon.

2. Wrap in individual serving dishes.

Fill little compote dishes with colorful shredded paper, top with small cookies, and wrap in cellophane. All you need is some wide ribbon over the whole thing and maybe a little twine to add the last finishing touch. Can’t find compote dishes? Try ramekins, mugs, or old-fashioned glasses!

3. Wrap like candy.

Stack the cookies and roll tightly in cellophane, then just secure both ends with some festive ribbon. You can also place the cookies in plastic gift bags with the sealed end cut open instead.

4. Place in egg cartons.

Don’t let those egg cartons go to waste! Line each little cup with a pretty mini cupcake liner and fill with treats. Wrap with cellphone and secure both ends with lots of ribbons in different widths. This is an elegant and fun way to gift multiple kinds of cookies.

5. Stack in mason jars.

This easy way to package cookies starts with just stacking them up in a mason jar. Place a little square of fabric between the lid and the ring before screwing it on, then finish with some ribbon and a cute little tag. We love that the jars can be reused!