PSA: These Might Be Some of the Lowest Prices We’ve Ever Seen on Vitamix Blenders

updated Nov 27, 2022
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There’s a common misconception out there that the blender is a warm-weather appliance. And, frankly, we can understand why: A top-quality blender does do one heck of a job when it comes to turning rock-hard berries into a smoothie or putting a slushy twist on a margarita. But, if you haven’t been capitalizing on the indispensable kitchen tool’s ability to make soul-warming soups, DIY mixed nut butter (or tahini!), start-your-day-off-right crepes, pesto for easy weeknight dinners, then you’ve been missing out. However, in order to easily execute blended sides, whole dishes, and meal prep, you’re gonna need a top-notch machine. And, when it comes to the best blenders in the game, there’s no better brand than Vitamix.

So, with all the unmissable Black Friday sales popping up this week — you know, the seriously low prices on Le Cresuet’s site and the super-discounted Dyson vacuums — we figured we’d seek out the best blenders on sale right now to score some sweet savings.

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was $559.95

Choosing the right Vitamix model for your kitchen can be a tough task, but knowing that the popular 5300 model has over 1300 five-star reviews certainly helps. With a low-profile, 64-ounce container, it's perfect for storing on your countertop or in your cabinets, where it'll fit with ease. When it comes to your smoothies, this do-it-all machine still packs all the power thanks to its 2.2-HP motor that can tackle even the toughest ingredients.

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was $399.95

Keep things simple with this entry-level Vitamix blender. Sure, it's pretty darn user-friendly, but don't let that fool you! This thing mixes just as well as its more complex counterparts. Three speeds (low, medium, and high) combine with a pulse feature to achieve a wide range of textures suited to any number of culinary creations. Plus, it makes for a pretty stellar gift!

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was $599.45

This blender busts out the big guns — loved by pro chefs for its superior power and performance, the Pro750 packs some serious punch. Thanks to the 2.2-HP motor, it'll turn the toughest nuts into the smoothest butters, transform oats into oat flour in seconds, and liquify fibrous greens without a second thought. Although this blender is worthy of professional kitchens, it’d blend right into home kitchens as well. Short enough to fit under most kitchen cabinets (but still offers a 64-ounce yield) and with five easy-to-use pre-programmed settings, there's no doubt it's an ideal choice for the serious home chef.

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With 13 blending functions and 10 variable speeds, whether you’re crushing ice for a holiday cocktail, making your morning smoothie, or blending some butternut squash soup for an easy weeknight dinner, this powerhouse has you covered. The 7500 has high-quality, stainless-steel blades — they’re literally hardened, aircraft-grade steel — that'll stay sharp for years to come. It's also equipped with a pulse feature and a 2.2-HP motor that can handle any task you throw at it.

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Williams Sonoma
was $699.95

Go go gadget, blender! You can manually operate the A3500 with the speed-control dial — but there are also five pre-programmed settings and a programmable timer, so you can set it, forget it, and trust that you’ll come back to salsa that’s perfectly chunky, not runny. It’s also got built-in wireless connectivity and automatically connects to the container size you’ve chosen (BTW it's compatible with a variety of attachments). Plus, it links to the Vitamix Perfect Blend app, which unlocks 17 programs and hundreds of recipes. Like all Vitamix blenders, it self-cleans with just a little dish soap and water — and the touch-screen display is similarly easy to clean with just a damp dishcloth.

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was $549.95

A happy medium between the fanciest and the most user-friendly models, the A2500 has the manual dial and wireless connectivity of the Ascent line of containers, but it also has three pre-programmed settings (smoothies, soups, and frozen desserts) that offer set-it-and-forget-it functionality with consistent results. You can prep your soup (or smoothie, or even a frozen holiday sorbet!) so it’s ready when you want it to be. With functions like these, you'll find the appliance particulary handy, especially if you have mulitple cooking projects going on at once (holiday feasts, we're looking at you). Just add it to your cart to get the 20 percent off discount.

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was $349.95

Another great entry-level mixer, this E310 may be easy to use, but this thing doesn't compromise on motor-power or versatility. Although it lacks a few of the bells and whistles of the more expensive models, let's be honest — when you’re talking about a Vitamix, there’s really no such thing as a “basic model.” It has 10 speeds to choose from; laser-cut, stainless-steel blades that can go from a rough chop (if you’re dicing veggies) to a smooth purée (perfect for thick cold-weather soup); and a pulse button that allows you to layer in coarser chopping, ideal if you’re making the base for a stew.

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was $499.95

Get a little bit of everything with the A2300. A part of the Ascent series (like the A3500 and the A2500 above), it's got the wireless connectivity that technophiles love, as well as Vitamix’s pulse feature and go-to dial of the simpler models that allows you to manually control the blade speed. And, since the A2300 will “know” which container you’re using, it’ll select the maximum blending time, ensuring that you won’t overblend your broccoli cheddar soup — a total lifesaver when you're whipping up multiple courses or hosting.