Valentine's Day

This Video of People Making “Charcuteroses” with Champagne Glasses Is Actually Pretty Amazing

updated Feb 24, 2021
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Credit: Andrey Starostin/ Shutterstock

Charcuterie boards are having a moment right now. In the last couple of months we’ve seen charcuterie chalets, Halloween-themed boards, and COVID-friendly “Jarcuterie” cups. Now, as people look to the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday, the inevitable question arises: How do you show your love in charcuterie?

Well, thankfully TikTok, as always, offers an answer — and this one comes in the form of charcuterie roses. In a video set to “This Magic Moment” by the Drifters, we see two women crafting a board full of meat, fruit, crackers, and cheese. To make their board a little more special, they use a Champagne glass to stack salami slices into an impressively accurate sculpture of a rose.

The delight they express seems pure and relatable, since, after all, they just made a flower out of meat without any special skills, ingredients, or tools (unless you count a Champagne glass as a tool, of course).

To make the roses, you simply drape thinly sliced rounds of cured meat over the edge of the Champagne flute, so that they are half in and half out of the glass. Then you do the same with the next piece of meat, overlapping half of the first one. Repeat this, going around and around the glass. “It’s tight on the edge,” one of the women says, demonstrating that you want to really push the meat down onto and around the glass as you assemble it so that it stays together. Then, after going around the glass a few times to create the layers, you carefully invert it onto the board and slide the glass straight up. Ta-da!

You can use various sizes of containers for different size roses, too. In fact, when you search TikTok for “meat roses” you’ll get a feed full of different ways and styles to turn your meat into flowers to show your love with salami. You’ll notice some people in the videos wear gloves when touching the meat, which we think is a smart idea.