Trader Joe’s Just Started Stocking the Pantry Staple Every Chef Says They “Couldn’t Live Without”

published Jul 7, 2023
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Raleigh, North Carolina USA-11 16 2022: Trader Joe's is a Specialty Grocery Store Chain Based in California.
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Understanding the differences between kosher salt, sea salt, and table salt can be tough — there are some nuances that only a sophisticated palate can discern. But for many professional chefs and home cooks, there is one salt to end all salts: Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt. We’ve waxed about it at The Kitchn for years, touting how it’s actually less salty than other common salts, with lighter and flakier crystals than Morton’s. “Diamond Crystal has been my go-to salt for almost 20 years,” says Staff Writer, Patty Catalano. “I couldn’t live without it. Its flaky consistency is perfect for pinching and sprinkling, and it also dissolves nicely in baked goods.”

Credit: Patty Catalano

Up until now, Trader Joe’s has never stocked Diamond Crystal. But news of the salt being stocked at the popular grocery store was first reported in the Chefit subreddit and quickly raised eyebrows. In the past week, The Kitchn staffers have spotted it at Trader Joe’s locations in both Georgia and Washington, D.C. (so far). “I did a double-take on my last Trader Joe’s run when I spotted my favorite brand (in a whole new box!). My local stores abruptly stopped carrying Diamond Crystal several years ago, so I am thrilled to be able to stock up when I go grab my favorite frozen meals,” says Patty.

It’s not the cheapest salt you can buy — Trader Joe’s is selling a 48-ounce box for $8.99 — but you gotta pay for quality. If you want a smaller box, Amazon has a 16-ounce version also for $8.99. Diamond Crystal might cost up to two times more than other brands, but it’s worth its salt.