5 Things Ina Garten Keeps on Her Kitchen Counters

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Credit: Talaya Centeno/Penske Media/REX/Shutterstock

When it comes to kitchen counters, specifically things that belong (or don’t belong) on your kitchen counters, chances are you have feelings. Some fall strongly in the less-is-more — or even none-is-more — camp, while others lean into a more lived-in look. Maybe the right balance can be found somewhere in between? Perhaps the answer to this epic quandary can be found by looking at Ina Garten‘s kitchen?

Recently we were obsessively looking through Ina’s Instagram feed, as one does, and happened upon this gorgeous cabbage arrangement. How pretty is that? We’re not totally sure what kind of cabbages those are, but they definitely make a statement.

Once we stopped ogling the “flowers,” we realized that the Barefoot Contessa is actually revealing some brand-new kitchen renovations behind the vase. And when we really started paying attention, we came to the realization that Ina’s counters, while mostly bare, have a few things left out. Stars — they’re just like us!

We’re not sure if this is how her kitchen counters always look, of course, but here are the things we spotted sitting out and looking pretty comfortable.

5 Things We Spotted on Ina’s Kitchen Counters

  1. Commonly used kitchen tools. We spy a couple of containers holding what look to be commonly used kitchen tools: whisks, reamers, shears, and more.
  2. Cutting boards. Two big wooden cutting boards take up a good chunk of the island counter space — and we’re not complaining!
  3. Small appliances. There’s a microwave tucked discretely in the corner, next to what looks like a coffee maker. There’s also a white KitchenAid mixer out in the open. Never a bad idea!
  4. Various bowls. Near the flowers, there’s a bowl peeking out; in the back, a bowl holds some bananas, and there’s also a glass container holding … flour?
  5. Candles. It’s difficult to see , as it’s right behind the flowers, but that looks suspiciously like a hurricane candle holder. Approve!

What do you think: Did we miss anything?