Our Editor-in-Chief’s Favorite Meat Thermometer Is Truly a “Magic Wand” — and It’s $30 Off Right Now

updated Feb 25, 2021
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Credit: ThermoWorks

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: If you enjoy cooking meats at home, a good quality thermometer is a must! And when it comes to choosing one, you can’t go wrong with ThermoWorks’ Thermapen MK4. It’s an iconic kitchen essential and so popular with Kitchn editors that editor-in-chief Faith considers it a “game-changer” for both new cooks as well as experienced ones. Since Thermapens are a pricey investment at $99, we’re always on the lookout for ways to get you a good deal. Case in point: Right now for a limited time only, you can save $30 (this is NOT a typo!) on a brand new Thermapen MK4 in gray.

Gray is the kind of color that easily matches almost all cookware pieces and looks elegant sitting in a kitchen drawer or perched on a countertop. Aside from the pretty color, a Thermapen can be absolutely life-changing. For starters, unlike regular meat thermometers, Thermapens are equipped with a thermocouple sensor that’s usually reserved for professional kitchens, instantly giving you an accurate read. If you’re in the habit of guesstimating the temperature of your meat with a fork only to end up with a shredded top and an unevenly cooked meal, you’ll be surprised at the ease that a Thermapen can add to your cooking game. And unlike other thermometers that can usually take up to 30 seconds or more to tell you what you need to know, “the Thermapen truly does give an instant read,” notes Faith, which can mean the difference between perfectly cooked and slightly overdone chicken.

Besides offering an accurate read on meats, the Thermapen can tackle just about any cooking task. Faith uses hers to check the temperature of her oven and even when boiling sugar. Plus, the sturdy gadget is built to last, so whether you stick it in a leg of lamb or get a read on something as tricky as candy, you’ll never have to worry about it breaking. As for getting started with your Thermapen, simply unfold the probe to turn it on and fold it back to turn it off. Easy!

Whether you’re looking to add more precision to everyday tasks or are just simply tired of buying cheaper thermometers that end up breaking too often, here’s your chance to score a deal on a kitchen essential that you’ll use every single day. And as an added bonus, that color is simply beautiful.

Buy: Thermapen MK4 in Grey, $69 (normally $99)