The Ingenious Lunch Container That Helps Me Save Money by Making Salads at Home Is Over 40% Off for Prime Day

published Oct 12, 2022
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Credit: Jennifer Brister/Stocksy

If you’re consistent with making homemade salads, I envy you. I want to be a member of the group that doesn’t let their produce go bad in the refrigerator, but I don’t have enough fingers to count the number of times I’ve bought romaine hearts and left them neglected. Part of the issue is not making salad soon enough, but a much larger reason for it is not having the type of storage I need to ensure I’ll eat it on time.

Instead of stressing over a preferred method of assembling and packing a salad, I just won’t make it at all. I’ll go out and buy one that I’ll eat immediately. But I’m trying to do better, and at the perfect time, Bentgo sent me a selection of their best-selling food containers, and the Bentgo Glass Leak-Proof Salad Container stood out like a beacon of light. And, it’s on major sale right now for Prime Day (or what Amazon is calling the Prime Early Access Sale), so there’s no better time to try one out for yourself! And, if you want to capitalize on this awesome deal, then I suggest you get to it — today, October 12 is the last day of the Prime Day savings event.

When I felt the weight of the Bentgo salad container, I had high hopes right away. It’s not unbearably heavy, but also doesn’t feel flimsy or fragile, which I liked. The lid latches securely to the glass base, so there’s a satisfying click when you open it that lets you know the food inside was fully locked in. For added security, there’s a leak-proof silicone band sealing everything in as well. On the underside of the lid is a reusable fork that lives in a built-in holder, which is incredibly convenient for eating on the go.

The second compartment is a tray that holds toppings and dressing. There are four sections total, including a three-ounce sauce container that has its own lid. The fork holder is placed directly above the sauce container to ensure the smaller lid stays put. I’ve tested it with water and dressing (separately), and no liquid came out, even after flipping the entire container over quite a few times. Beneath the salad fixings is the main 61-ounce glass compartment that holds all the lovely leafy greens. Once the tray above it is removed, you can fluff the salad greens to loosen them up after transport. If you’re a salad shaker like me, there’s plenty of room to add the dressing and toppings, replace the lid without the tray, and shake it to your heart’s content to get everything mixed up.

Besides the fact that this leak-proof container prevents soggy salad, I love the thickness of the glass! Obviously, you can’t just toss it around as if it won’t break (we’re talking about glass here), but it’ll be able to hold its own on a basic journey from home to the office, school, or wherever you might be traveling. 

I’m definitely planning on gifting my dad a couple of these Bentgo containers. Every time I visit, he’s either making salad or has some in the refrigerator that’s already made, and this would really help to keep all those ingredients separated so he can enjoy all of it before it goes bad. I love salad, but up until now I hadn’t taken the time to get anything to properly store it. I like that instead of just having one big salad made, I can break it up into different containers to grab and eat for lunch or dinner easily. No more letting romaine wilt in the fridge drawer unattended, this container could be THE salad saver I never knew I needed!

Buy: Bentgo Glass Leak-Proof Salad Container, $19.99 (normally $34.99)