The Most Exciting New Groceries That Just Hit Supermarket Shelves This Month

published May 17, 2019
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Credit: Grace Rasmus

Are you in a weekly grocery rut? I say this with love: It’s time to snap out of it! Your new favorite snack, drink, or dinner shortcut might be waiting for you right on your local supermarket shelves — but unless you make some room in your shopping cart/budget to try something new, you’d never even know it.

Maybe you’ve been burned by bad groceries before, though? Hey, we’ve all been there. That’s why I took the liberty of taste-testing 47 new products that just hit shelves this month to give you my very best recommendations to help you check out with confidence. These are the seven new finds I’m most excited about. Which ones would you go for? Discuss in the comments at the end of this post!

Credit: Grace Rasmus

1. Feel Good Foods Three Cheese Bites Made with Cauliflower Crust, $6

Cauliflower pizza bites! Best concept ever, IMO. This might be my favorite recent iteration of the cauliflower crust trend, because with pizza bites, is it *really* about the crust anyway? Nope — it’s about the saucy-cheesy heat bombs that are totally going to burn the roof of your mouth (in the best way possible). I’m happy to report that any taste or texture issues you might have with other cauliflower pizza crusts are a non-issue in bite-sized pocket form. These are delicious! Hooray! Put ‘em out at your next party and watch them disappear in seconds. (Especially if I’m there.)

Credit: Grace Rasmus

2. Medlie Collagen Veggie Drink in Coconut Mint, $8

The collagen trend keeps going strong this month with a new launch from Medlie — a creamy coconut-mint-flavored veggie drink made with cauliflower, celery, and lime juice, that’s also packing 14 grams of collagen protein. Skin elasticity, here we come! It tastes good, as far as health drinks go, and not overwhelmingly minty or coconutty if that’s something that’s giving you pause — although this coconut milk-based bottle does contain almost your full amount of saturated fat for the day. It’s also expensive. But it is Whole30-approved, though! Side note: Is it bad that I want to put some rum in it? And maybe a cocktail umbrella too?

Credit: Grace Rasmus

3. Biena Baked Chickpea Puffs, $4

Any fans of Pirate’s Booty will appreciate the fact that this is an incredible dupe — except these puffy, crunchy snack balls are made from chickpeas! They have the same stick-to-your-fingers residue that I always secretly appreciate in a snack like this (especially when the residue is also delicious). And as you may have guessed based on the chickpea name, these are pretty healthy too — each serving has 7 grams of plant protein. Along with Vegan Ranch (my favorite) these puffs also come in a fiery Blazin’ Hot flavor and classic Aged White Cheddar.

Credit: Grace Rasmus

4. Aidells Whole Blends Samosa Seasoned Chicken & Quinoa Balls, $5.50

If you’ve thought about scaling back on your meat consumption, you’ll be very into the new Whole Blends line from Aidells. It features chicken sausage and meatballs cut with quinoa and vegetables for a protein-packed meal that’s not JUST a whole bunch of meat. I absolutely loved the Samosa Seasoned Chicken & Quinoa Balls, made with Indian spices and veggies like potatoes, onions, cauliflower, peas, green lentils, and more. The Falafel-Seasoned Chicken Balls were also a big hit. This one will be heavy in the weeknight dinner rotation for me.

Credit: Grace Rasmus

5. Babybel Mini Rolls, $4 for a 5-pack

I like to think this innovation was born out of a brainstorming meeting called: How Do We Make Cheese More Fun? Well, guys, you did it! Babybel essentially took string cheese and twirled it up into a peelable cheese spiral. That’s it. The best way to describe the flavor is “string cheese without the strings.” It’s not quite the same taste or texture as the classic wax-covered rounds the brand is famous for, either — this one’s softer and milder, and definitely swirlier. If you’re a child, or an adult who likes to play with their food, you’ll be all over this.

Credit: Grace Rasmus

6. Michelob Ultra Infusions

With Memorial Day Weekend right around the corner, it’s a great time to add a day-drinking beverage to your rotation. This new fruit-infused drink from Michelob Ultra is only 4% ABV so you can keep the party going all afternoon without going overboard. The exoctic fruit flavors are super subtle — this isn’t a Lime-A-Rita situation — and I bet a bottle would pair great with some chips and guac.

Credit: Grace Rasmus

7. Mutti Sauce for Pizza, $6

You know a sauce is good if you find yourself eating a little more right out of the jar beyond the required taste-test portion. That’s exactly what happened when I tried this new line of pizza sauces from the classic Italian tomato brand Mutti. It’s immensely flavorful without being overly sweet, which is the unfortunate case of a lot of other pizza sauce brands. The Positano flavor, bursting with pops of garlic and oregano, was inspired by the pizza of the Amalfi Coast. I see a lot of homemade garlicky naan pizzas in my future.