The 10 Houseplants That Redditors Can’t Stop Talking About

updated Mar 31, 2020
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If you love plants and are a proud Redditor, then you’ve probably stumbled upon the r/houseplants community before (and if not, welcome!). It’s a place where users come and share everything and anything about houseplants, from inspirational shelfies to the newest plant members of the family. 

And with so much activity happening in the community (and so many of us at home these days), it got us thinking: what are the houseplants Redditors can’t stop talking about? With the help of the Reddit team, we gathered the top 10 most-discussed plants by mention so far in 2020, plus related posts that stand as proof of the recent buzz. 

1. Pothos

This Redditor poses the questions of whether or not the rest of the community enjoys his pothos — to which, of course they did. Look at that beaut!

The pothos is a popular houseplant because of its hardiness. (Translation: it’s very hard to kill.) It does well in various light conditions, although its best to avoid direct sunlight if possible, and they do best when their soil dries out in between waterings.

2. Monstera

We could stare at this curling, rose-like monstera leaf all day — and the others who stumbled upon this photo agree.

The monstera plant has grown in popularity over the years, establishing the reputation as a top Instagrammable plant. Monsteras prefer high humidity and indirect lighting, and you should water the top quarter-to-third if the soil feels dry. While this houseplant isn’t the easiest to take care of, the impressive split leaves are worth the labor alone.

3. Cactus (dino-style)

We like this adorable cactus even more after we found out the “planter” is actually from Target — and was only $5!

Like most succulents, cacti are fairly easy to take care of (and even propagate if you want a bunch of them). They can be grown pretty much everywhere — minus places with freezing temperatures — and have a fighting spirit that requires little water.

4. Philodendron

Wow, talk about a great roadside find! Glad this big boy found a seemingly good new home (and was able to fit in the back of the Corolla — phew).

A philodendron is another houseplant that’s hard to kill, which might be a reason why it’s so popular. They can thrive in low-light conditions, although they’ve been proven to grow fastest in medium or indirect light. Philodendron can flourish in either soil or just water, and you know it needs water when its leaves start to appear wilted.

5. Calathea

Warning: this Calathea timelapse is incredibly fun to watch and may lead to several replays. The movement that occurred under six hours is quite impressive!

A calathea plant shares commonality with your standard pothos: low-maintenance care that results in fast-growing, lush leaves. It’s a great alternative for when you feel like the pothos is too common of a plant for you (it is #1 on this list for a reason, after all).

6. Ferns

Reddit’s data showed that many users mourn their ferns in the r/houseplants community, which shows care for the plant but also might be a warning sign for those who want a low-maintenance option.

There are many fern variations, and most of them won’t make the list for easiest houseplants to care for. A bird’s nest fern, for example, requires consistent watering and indirect light, and experts recommend keeping it in the bathroom, since it loves humidity.

7. Hoya

The hoya plant has made frequent appearances in the Reddit community, and this hoya with white leaves in particular created quite the buzz (although the color change implies that the plant needs to be pruned).

There are hundreds of types of hoya plants, even an adorable heart-shaped one. They thrive in bright, indirect light and require enough water that keeps its soil moist but not wet. This is another plant that is easy to propagate: all you have to do is take a leaf or two with the stems and pin to a container of damp potting soil.

8. Peperomia

Maybe we should all paint mantras on our potters, because it looks like it’s working *pray emoji*.

When you’re dealing with tight quarters and little sunlight, the peperomia is a great option that can survive with both these factors. Coming in a wide range of colors and shapes, this compact plant can go weeks without water and does well in moderate light with partial shade.

9. Snake

Try to not go “aww” when you see this tiny snake plant sprouting up. We dare you.

Known for its low-light and low-maintenance nature, the snake plant is another option for those who have extremely limited sunlight in their home. So if you need a little greenery in your bathroom that only has a slit of light, this one is for you.

10. ZZ (Zamioculcas Zamiifolia)

According to one Redditor, this flourishing ZZ plant doesn’t mind a little neglect. If anything, it looks happy to be left alone — look at it grow!

This houseplant originates from eastern Africa, and it can survive drought and low-light conditions. ZZ plants do best in bright to moderate sunlight that is indirect, and in the case of watering, less is more (the most common way to kill a ZZ plant is overwatering).

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