I’ve Started Using One of Those Olive Oil Sprayers and I’ll Never Go Back to My Old Ways

updated Aug 4, 2020
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spraying a stainless steel skillet with olive oil sprayer
Credit: Sarah Crowley

Have you ever gone to pour out just a drizzle of olive oil, only to end up with, I don’t know, a few tablespoons’ worth? And a tray of messy, soggy vegetables? Surely it’s not just me! As much as I use olive oil for cooking and drizzling, it didn’t dawn on me that there was a better way until recently when I finally picked up the aptly named Misto — a refillable, inexpensive, and eco-friendly olive oil sprayer.

Misto is the bestselling olive oil sprayer on Amazon and the idea is simple. You pour in your favorite olive oil so that the container is about half full. And then you pump the cap up and down several times to increase air pressure in the canister. After a few pumps, when you feel some resistance, you can spray and repeat as needed. 

So far, I’ve used the sprayer to lightly spritz skillets, dress salads, coat veggies before roasting, make air fryer croutons and fries, flavor stovetop popcorn, and more. The salads all wound up perfectly dressed with the distinct flavor of olive oil but no drippy leaves! The veggies came out tender and sweet, and the fries have all been bar-worthy.

There’s so much to like about this tool. For one, I don’t have to worry about regulating a pour. I have complete control with a spray here and a spray there, and never wind up with a slick mess. (Which means my food comes out better and I go through bottles of olive oil much slower!) I also like that I get the spray action without an aerosol can. And that the mist coats everything evenly without being too heavy.

Credit: Aryanna Prasad

If you think you’re ready to change your overly oiled ways, the one note I would make is to try to use your Misto under a kitchen vent, over the sink, or into a dirty dishwasher — the mist is actually so fine, some of it floats around the room in a little cloud and it can get messy. But, and I can not stress this enough, a mist that’s too fine is always going to be better than a glug that’s too generous.

Do you have an olive oil sprayer? Are you obsessed, too? Share your thoughts in the comments below!