10 Little Luxuries to Buy Yourself Now That Summer Is Officially Here

published Jun 22, 2020
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Woman in her kitchen cutting a slice of homemade cake
Credit: Rob and Julia Campbell/Stocksy

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t done a bit of shopping that wasn’t essential in the last couple of months of quarantine. But as we head into a new season, though, I think it’s high time we bring a little something joyful into our kitchens — something to usher in summer after a particularly difficult spring.

Wouldn’t it be nice to treat yourself to one little luxury in the name of self-care? I’m talking about those little finds that are nice to have, but we don’t often think to buy for ourselves. Well, it’s time. Treat yourself and add something bright to your days. If you have a bit of cash set aside that you can splurge on yourself with, here are 10 ideas.

1. GIR Silicone Spatula

I confess to buying cheap kitchen tools sometimes, but after using mediocre tools these past few months, I have resolved to upgrade my basics — especially my spatula. I want one of these Kitchn-approved spatulas because they’re all one piece (which means they won’t snap or harbor anything in seams) and are heat-resistant to high temps (no more burnt edges).

Buy: GIR Silicone Spatula, $16

Credit: Amazon

2. DII Swedish Dishcloths

Chances are, your dishcloths have gotten quite the workout lately. If it’s time to replace some bedraggled ones, why not do it with some that are cute and happy like these lemon-festooned Swedish numbers (or any of the other fun patterns like cactus or veggies)? A three-pack is 16 bucks. 

Buy: DII Swedish Dishcloths, $16 for three

Credit: Jono Pandolfi

3. Jono Pandolfi Condiment Bowl

Everything from this designed-for-chefs line of handmade ceramics is just gorgeous. Some of it can get pretty spendy, but you can get these mini bowls for $15 and put them to work around the kitchen. They’ll make elegant salt holders, a prettier place to stash your rings when you wash dishes, or the perfect thing to drop olive pits in during your apéro hour. 

Buy: Jono Pandolfi Condiment Bowl, $15 at Jono Pandolfi

Credit: Amazon

4. Bormioli Rocco Jars

Even if you’re not Team Open Shelving, there’s something to be said for displaying a few things in iconic jars like these from Bormioli Rocco. And if you are a fan of open shelves, well, it’s extremely satisfying to see them lined up. 

Buy: Bormioli Rocco Jars, $25 for two

Credit: East Fork

5. The Mug

Coffee or tea is such a comforting ritual for a lot of us. If you’ve been drinking from the same mug every single morning, you might really appreciate a new one. Fun fact: East Fork Pottery is so beloved by Kitchn editors, staffers once paused a meeting so that they could shop a sale!

Buy: The Mug, $36 at East Fork Pottery

Credit: Amazon

6. Boos Block  Essential Mystery Oil and Board Cream

This duo really is necessary if you have butcher block counters, but it’s not the sort of thing you always think to buy. A bottle of the “Mystery Oil” came with my Boos countertop, and it truly is mysteriously effective. If you’ve got a parched cutting board after all this nonstop cooking, this oil restores its suppleness. It’s also a tiny miracle for those wooden spoons you’ve used for years that have dried out. To make butcher block or the spoons even silkier, follow the oil treatment with the board cream — you can grab them both for 20 bucks. 

Buy: Boos Block Essential Mystery Oil and Board Cream, $20

Credit: Bookshop

7. New World Sourdough

This cookbook just came out and it’s already getting rave reviews. If you got on the sourdough bandwagon during quarantine, this book will make sure you stay onboard.

Buy: New World Sourdough, $28

8. 2019 Harvest Avus Olive Oil

The difference in finishing a dish with your basic olive oil and a really, really good one is blow-the-doors-off. This one has a slight sweetness to it and apparently pairs well with red meat and beans.

Buy: 2019 Harvest Avus, $27 for 16.9 ounces at EXAU Olive Oil

Credit: The Sill

9. Plant Subscription

A new plant is my go-to when I’m looking for a little celebration or reward. Anytime you can add a pop of green and life to a space is a good thing, and it’s especially great for the kitchen when you’re somebody who spends a lot of their waking hours in there. If you have a local plant studio it’s also such a good way to support a local business right now! If not, Kitchn editors love this plant subscription (it’s for beginners who aren’t great at tending to greenery!) from The Sill.

Buy: Plant Subscription, $35 per month at The Sill

Credit: Etsy

10. Organic Unscented Whipped Shae Body Butter

If you washed a record-breaking number of dishes during quarantine, your hands are likely a telltale sign. Give them some TLC (just like your wooden cutting board) with some extra-creamy hand lotion. This Etsy shop technically targets its products for men, but this neutral-smelling whipped hand and body butter can be enjoyed by everyone!

Buy: Organic Unscented Whipped Shae Body Butter, $12 for eight ounces at Etsy