The 3 Most Brilliant Ways to Store Your Kitchen Trash Bags

updated Apr 1, 2021
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Hand taking out the trash
Credit: Joe Lingeman

Storing kitchen trash bags is not hard. In fact, the box they come in is a storage container! But that box is flimsy, and pulling one (and only one!) bag out can be easier said than done. And if your bags are not kept conveniently nearby, you may forget to put a new one in and accidentally toss stuff in before the can is ready. Not the end of the world, but annoying.

Which brings us to these three ideas. We figure that tweaks to how you store your bags — even small tweaks — can make your whole trash routine just a little better. Ready? Here are three of the very best storage hacks when it comes to your kitchen trash bags.

Credit: Sarah Crowley

1. Store them tissue-style in a plastic storage bin.

This storage hack is so easy; it basically involves substituting a better container for the box. Get a large plastic fridge storage bin. Remove the entire roll of garbage bags from the cardboard box and put it in the bin. Then tease a bag out from the center of the roll, like how you do with a container of disinfecting wipes. Pull this bag out through the handle hole of the bin. That’s it! You’ve made yourself a sturdy, reusable kitchen trash bag holder that doubles as a dependable dispenser and can be put on any cupboard shelf.

Credit: Joe Lingeman

2. Store your trash bags in the garbage can.

This tip is one of those delightfully shocking ones — the kind that’s so simple and perfect, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself. Store your bags, or at least several of them, inside your trash can. Put the whole roll or a few of the bags in the bottom of your trash can, where they’ll sit beneath the in-use trash bag. The next time you take out the trash, you’ll have an extra reminder to replace the bag. And you won’t need to fumble with unfurling the bag from the roll; just lift one bag and line your can. Be sure to replace the stash when you get down to the last one. 

Credit: Joe Lingeman

3. Hang your trash bags.

Hanging your trash bag roll is a bit more involved than the other two storage hacks, but it’s worth it if you have the inclination to tackle it. You’ll need a dowel, a pair of cafe rod brackets, and the tools to hang them. Pick a spot on the inside of a cabinet, and hang the brackets on the wall so that they’re a bit farther apart than the width of your roll. Push the dowel through the center of your trash bag roll and hang it on the brackets. Not only will your trash bags be as easy to grab as paper towels from a roll, but you’ll also reclaim the cabinet or shelf space you previously used to stash your trash bags. (Note: This works for trash bags and bigger garden bags, too.)

How do you store your kitchen trash bags?