17 Fresh Kitchen Backsplash Ideas to Match Every Style and Budget

published Aug 24, 2023
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Modern kitchen with wood counters and bright green backsplash
Credit: Hendrickson Photography/Shutterstock.com

Is your kitchen starting to feel outdated? It might be time to consider refreshing one of the most eye-catching kitchen staples: your backsplash. Sure, a fresh coat of paint on your walls or cabinets could do the trick, but it’s not a long-term solution. And for those looking to avoid putting a hammer through your wall or undergoing an expensive renovation, a kitchen backsplash update is a more affordable, foolproof method to add a sophisticated touch to your space.

But what is a kitchen backsplash, anyway? Think of it as an extension of your countertops; it starts as low as a few inches off the floor and can go as high as the ceiling. You can opt for marble, quartz, or granite tiles to stay cohesive with your current aesthetic, or you can try something bolder and brighter. Regardless of what shade or style you’re looking for, peel-and-stick wallpaper is easy to apply and will keep your walls grease- and mess-free. (You can also translate these chic ideas into more permanent solutions if that’s what’s calling you.) Stuck on where to start? These 17 kitchen backsplash ideas will transform your kitchen in a snap.

Tile Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

1. Go green.

If you’ve pressed play on Kendall Jenner’s house tour more times than you can count and are still obsessing over her green tile bathroom, you’re in luck. Simply apply these gorgeous green tiles to your kitchen walls and leave everyone green with envy. 

2. Try tiles.

Subtle but eye-catching, this wallpaper’s soft panels gently add an impactful appeal. Ideal for homeowners and renters, the tonal tilework pattern can serve as your kitchen’s focal point while remaining versatile enough to work with bold kitchen appliances.

3. Try alternative materials for a dynamic look.

Move away from nail holes, chips, and cracks, and gravitate towards this decorative thermoplastic panel. Perfect for those looking to achieve an old-fashioned industrial look without expensive installations, this backsplash will revitalize walls at a fraction of the cost. 

4. Go glossy.

We’re blushing over this pale pink kitchen backsplash. In addition to the marbled swirl, which looks more expensive, the extra-glossy finish adds so much personality. It’ll make even the smallest space appear larger.

Wallpaper Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

5. Embrace natural influences.

Hint at hygge with this calming wallpaper. Featuring neutral and mica swirls, the solid vinyl print evokes serenity and style wrapped up in one. (Plus, it’d look great in any room of the house.)

6. Expose bricks.

Balance earth tones by pairing them with this red-brown brick wallpaper. Mimicking the same exposed bricks most commonly found in New York City apartments, this choice creates the same rustic appeal with little to no effort.

7. Make it marble.

If marble is out of your budget for your kitchen counter design ideas, you should consider it for your kitchen backsplash. This white and gray print is equally as elegant, and seeing as it’s oil-proof, it’s a no-brainer to hang over your stove.

8. Choose checkers.

Did someone say cottagecore? More charming than one might expect, this uniform checkered pattern is accentuated with a line of fresh tulips. Female-founded by the brand Ottoline, the available bronze and green prints will bring warmth and whimsy to kitchen backsplashes.

9. Veer toward vintage.

This horizontal row of vintage-inspired trumpets creates a subtle statement as a kitchen backsplash. Go for dark and moody with the navy-meets-teal-based Kelly, or gravitate towards the softer, tan-hued guacamole. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

Peel-and-Stick Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

10. Start with stripes.

Backsplashes don’t have to be over-the-top. You can start small with this striped selection. The white horizontal paneling adds enough dimension to elevate your walls while remaining subtle enough for those with reservations. Plus, if you change your mind, it can be removed on a whim.

11. Branch out with something sweet.

Florals, lemons, and oranges for your kitchen backsplash? Groundbreaking. Inspired by the branches of Citrus Grove, this feel-good print is easy and breezy. It’s sure to stun whether you use it as an accent or decide to cover your entire kitchen with it.

13. Bring the backyard indoors.

There’s no need to perfect your green thumb with these blossoming florals. The red maroon floral mural will bring the great outdoors inside while adding architectural details effortlessly. When done right, a delicate floral print or pattern can really bring out the colors in the rest of the kitchen.

14. Go geometric.

Move over, minimalists: This modern geometric print is vibrant and made for maximalists. It’s available in three swirly designs, with each bringing a ‘70s-inspired vibe that’s gorgeously groovy.

15. Dark done right.

Whether you go for black, gray, or a deep blue or green, dark colors and textures can add a sense of intrigue to your space. However, like marble, granite countertops can break the bank — fortunately, this cracked concrete wallpaper provides the same illusion and vibe on a budget.

16. Add an art deco option.

Looking for something a little bolder? This art-deco option is just the ticket. The scalloped botanical print is Egyptian-inspired, and thanks to the metallic hues, it’ll stand out anywhere, anytime.

17. Stick with solids.

Lastly, if all else fails, keep it simple and rely on a solid color to elevate your kitchen. Sure, you can go for black or white, but you could also opt for something brighter like purple, yellow, or teal (to name a few).