10 Easy Ways to Pack a Keto-Friendly Lunch

updated Jan 9, 2020
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Considering the high-fat, low-carb (and incredibly popular) keto diet is based on meat, eggs, cheese, and plant-based fats (nuts! Avocado!), it’s easy to pack flavorful and filling keto-friendly lunches. Who needs sandwiches when you’ve got bacon chips?

Here are 10 easy ideas for lunches that comply with a ketogenic diet. We even give you the net carb counts!

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10 Keto-Friendly Lunch Ideas

These creative, colorful lunch boxes are full of protein and good fats, so you’ll feel satisfied while consuming low carbs.

If you’re calculating your daily carb intake, we’ve made it easy for you by including the number of net carbs for each lunch box.

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1. Turkey-Cheddar Roll-Ups

Thinly-sliced turkey stands in for the tortilla in these super-simple cheese wraps. Switch up the cheese throughout the week — we especially like cheddar, provolone, and dill Havarti.

  • Get a recipe: Roll up 3 slices of deli turkey (we like Applegate), with 3 slices of cheese
  • Pack with: 1/2 avocado, cucumber slices, blueberries, almonds
  • Net carbs: 13 grams
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2. Hard-Boiled Egg Snack Plate

It’s easy to love the mighty hard-boiled egg. Prep ahead by boiling a big batch over the weekend, then peel and pack on weekdays with lots of salt and pepper.

  • Get a recipe: 2 hard-boiled eggs
  • Pack with: 1/2 avocado, cucumber slices, French onion dip, string cheese
  • Net carbs: 9 grams
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3. Zoodles and Meatballs

Make an easy, keto-friendly version of spaghetti and meatballs by swapping in zoodles and reaching for pre-cooked meatballs.

  • Get a recipe: No recipe here. Just pack up 3 cooked chicken meatballs (we like these)
  • Pack with: Zoodles tossed with lemon juice and olive oil, cubed cheddar cheese, roasted almonds, Babybel cheese
  • Net carbs: 8 grams
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4. Chicken Sausage

Pre-cooked chicken sausage is a fast and easy choice for a keto-approved lunch. It comes in a huge variety of flavors (think: spicy andouille and Italian herb) so try new types throughout the week.

  • Get a recipe: No recipe here: Just pick up a package of cooked chicken sausage (like these), slice one, and pack it.
  • Pack with: Guacamole, radishes, French onion dip, almonds
  • Net carbs: 8 grams
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5. Pepperoni Picnic Box

Grazing is one of the easiest ways to eat keto. Pack up some meats, veggies, and cheese and pretend you’re dining al fresco. Plus, you’ll take any excuse to eat French onion dip at lunchtime, right?

  • Get a recipe: No recipe here!
  • Pack with: Pepperoni slices, 1/2 avocado, celery sticks, French onion dip, cubed cheddar cheese
  • Net carbs: 7 grams
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6. Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Roll-Ups

Spread cream cheese onto thin slices of smoked salmon to create hand-held roll-ups you’ll want to pack again and again.

  • Get a recipe: Spread cream cheese onto slices of smoked salmon, roll them up, and slice.
  • Pack with: Zoodles tossed with lemon juice and olive oil, cucumber slices, cherry tomatoes, almonds
  • Net carbs: 12 grams
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7. Bacon Chips and Dip

Crunchy, salty bacon chips are the lunch staple you didn’t know you needed. Tear a few slices of bacon into large pieces, bake until crisp, and then dip into guacamole come lunchtime.

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8. Ranch Chicken Bites

Toss juicy chicken bites with your favorite ranch dressing for a winning lunch that will keep you full.

  • Get a recipe: Ranch chicken bites (omit the BBQ sauce and keep the ranch dressing on the side for dipping)
  • Pack with: Roasted broccoli (buy it from your grocery store’s hot bar), cherry tomatoes, Babybel cheese
  • Net carbs: 6 grams
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9. Hot Smoked Salmon

If you haven’t already gotten to know hot smoked salmon, here’s your chance: It’s smoky, not too salty, and flakes easily into nice big chunks.

  • Get a recipe: No recipe here: just flake some hot smoked salmon
  • Pack with: Guacamole, roasted broccoli (buy it from your grocery store’s hot bar), blueberries, almonds
  • Net carbs: 11 grams
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10. Tuna Salad Lettuce Wraps

Scoop tuna salad onto sturdy romaine lettuce leaves for a creamy, crunchy main. Round it out with a few salty snacks — and an extra serving of pickles.

  • Get a recipe: Pick up some tuna salad from the salad bar and spoon it into romaine
  • Pack with: Cubed cheddar cheese, pickles, almonds
  • Net carbs: 9 grams

We’d love to hear all about your own favorite keto lunches!