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This Easy Recipe for Homemade Coffee Creamer Will Make You Never Want to Use Store-Bought Again

published Mar 16, 2022
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Iced Coffee Pour
Credit: Stocksy | Emily Triggs

If you’re the kind of person whose mornings depend on the strength and quality of their at-home coffee, and whose cup of Joe isn’t complete without the right creamer, Natasha Kravchuck’s quick homemade mix could have you saying goodbye to your favorite retail brand forever.

In a recent Instagram post, the food blogger urged followers to “stop buying coffee creamer,” promising that her three-ingredient recipe will yield results that are better than your favorite “natural” store-bought options. And for some, you probably already have everything you need to make your own simple creamer at home: a 32-ounce Mason jar, sweetened condensed milk, heavy cream, and real vanilla extract.

You’ll use equal parts milk and heavy cream followed by vanilla extract to taste (she uses one tablespoon in her demonstration). All three ingredients go into your Mason jar and are shaken well, until combined. According to Kravchuck, your homemade creamer will keep for up to two weeks.

While she cautions that this might not necessarily be a cheaper option, Kravchuck says on her website that the quality of the homemade version is worth the added cost because you can control what goes into it (like the amount of sugar!) and make it taste to your liking and preferences.

Not a fan of vanilla or want to try a different flavor instead? The flavor profile of Kravchuck’s creamer recipe can easily be changed by substituting the vanilla for the extract of your choice, like almond, hazelnut, or even pumpkin spice. Or, if you just want to forgo the flavor altogether, that’s an option too.