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What Kind of Trick-or-Treater Are You: Candy on the Doorstep, or Candy from the Door?

published Oct 9, 2019
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It’s almost time for Halloween, and if there’s any holiday we can get behind, it’s one that’s dedicated to candy. Since it’s not socially acceptable for adults to trick-or-treat—trust us, we’ve tried—our mission this year is simple: have the best treats on the block. That still leaves the question, though, of how to give them out. The way we see it, there are two important decisions to make.

The first is to whether to wear your spookiest costume and turn your house into Haunted HQ, answering the doorbell Morticia Addams style, or to leave a big bowl of killer candy on the front steps and let trick-or-treaters help themselves (while you go to the movies).

And the second, perhaps more important decision: Are you giving out Left TWIX® or Right TWIX®? You know the difference, right? TWIX® are made in two different factories: The Left factory flows caramel onto crunchy cookies then bathes them in chocolate, while the Right factory cascades caramel onto crispy cookies and cloaks them in chocolate. (There’s a conspiracy theory that Left and Right TWIX® are the same; we can’t confirm or deny.)

Whichever side you pick, don’t forget to save some TWIX® for your own Halloween treat: Lefts, Rights, or even both!