Five Below’s “Stunning” Flower-Shaped Cups Are Here Just in Time for Spring (and Only $5!)

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Five Below Store Sign
Credit: refrina

Five Below truly is the gift that keeps on giving. Along with adorable springtime mugs and the plethora of cowboy-themed trinkets Five Below has right now, it’s no wonder shoppers keep heading to their local store to snatch all of the fun things. Yet every now and then we can’t help but pause at some of the more elegant items on the shelf, like these flower-shaped cups. They look so stunning that we’re almost convinced they’re not supposed to be at a discount store like Five Below at all.

@alexa_nicole_x Went to check out what’s new @Five Below and they didn’t disappoint 🩷 #fivebelowfinds #fivebelowhaul #newatfivebelow #homedecorideas ♬ Gud – Monika Moni

Sold at the typical price of $5.55, these glasses come in two colors: pink and green. Each glass has a main color with the secondary color at the stem, which means you can still mix and match these cups to make a colorful, gorgeous set. While the tops of these cups are beveled to resemble a flower, it’s the flower-shaped bottom of the glasses we can’t get enough of, with actual petals and a pistil at the center to give this glass the true flower shape. They are made of glass (yes, glass!), and we think they would look absolutely stunning on your bar cart this season. And for an extra bonus, these glasses are dishwasher safe.

These glasses would look particularly remarkable with a sparkling beverage of your choosing. Sparkling wine is always a given, but if you’re looking for something a little more festive and unique, let these sparkling drinks for spring entertaining inspire you. Based on the color of these glasses, we think anything with strawberries would look lovely, like a strawberry gin smash or a strawberry basil margarita.

This blooming glassware is currently not available online, so if you see it at your local Five Below, you’re going to want to stock up before it’s gone!

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