Elizabeth’s Favorite Unique Tool: West Elm Mini Juicer

updated May 13, 2022
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You may not think a juicer is super unique, but I’m telling you, this sucker was not easy to find. In my favorite posts of 2010 roundup, I mentioned a juicer just like this, pictured on another blog, and promised anyone who could find it a hand-written thank-you note. Well, I guess I owe one to Faith.

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I had done several searches for this type of juicer—on ebay, etsy, and the like—and only turned up the old-fashioned glass juicers that look like saucers with a reamer in the middle. Then Faith highlighted some of West Elm’s new kitchenware last week, and when I clicked on the site, there was my juicer.

Now, I need to stop writing about my cocktail habits so frequently around here, but the truth is, I do like a lot of lemon or lime juice in my drinks. And of course I use lemon juice in cooking, too, blah blah blah.

This simple wooden reamer is great, but I’m always fishing out seeds from the juice with my fingers or pouring it through a little strainer. I needed a juicer that caught the seeds, and I became obsessed with this one because it’s really, really cute. (In fact, Faith uses a similar one that’s plastic, and I’m sure it’s very effective, but this is mini! And ceramic!)

It’s a simple design: reamer on top, strainer to catch the seeds, adorable little pot for the juice. And since it just came in the mail, oh, yesterday, I haven’t given it an exhausting workout. But I’ve juiced a few lemons, and so far, so good.

Form over function? Maybe. But it works for me. I might even name it.

Buy it: West Elm Mini Hand Juicer, $12