The Cookie Press Is the Kitchen Tool You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Credit: Lauren Volo

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with cookie presses for as long as I can remember. As a child, I’d use my mom’s electric press from the 1980s, which pushed out spritz cookies so fast that the poinsettia and tree shapes would squish together into massive lumps before I got them on the baking pans. I moved to a battery-operated press in high school that allowed me to control the pace with a button, but the dough would break into pieces because of the very low power. I eventually landed on a fancy manual version around the time I completed pastry school. While manual presses offer better control and consistency, I needed the grip strength of the Hulk to finish several dozen cookies.

But rather than give up on making spritz cookies, I kept pressing on (see what I did there?) until I found a tool that was not only easy to use but also turned out perfectly formed shapes. Enter: the Wilton Preferred Press Cookie Press. 

Wilton clearly knows the mind of a baker. They’ve designed a press with a soft grip for those long cookie-baking sessions and a raised base that dispenses dough evenly and makes it easy to swap templates. That means you can create your wreaths, trees, and snowflakes from one batch of dough! The clear barrel lets you see when it’s time to reload, taking the guesswork out of the process so that you focus on more important things, like what color sprinkles to use.

The world of cookie presses has definitely come a long way over the years, and Wilton is just one of many companies that have upped their design game. Take a look at some more great options below, and get ready to make consistent, adorable cookies that look like they were made by a professional.

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There are three little words that make bakers' hearts go aflutter: consistent cookie shapes. Thanks to its no-slip base, OXO's press stays steady as you dispense, giving you the same shape each time. Plus, the comfort-grip handle will ensure your hands aren’t throbbing after a long afternoon of baking. It is easy to disassemble for loading more dough and for cleaning, and there's even a handy storage case for the discs, which include patterns that celebrate more than just Christmas. (Who wouldn't fall in love with someone who baked them a batch of heart-shaped treats on Valentine's Day?)

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Bed Bath & Beyond

Marcato Atlas is beloved for its top-of-the-line pasta machine, so they know a thing or two about dough. Their press is perfect for extruding stiffer cookie doughs. Even without a comfort-grip handle, it dispenses with ease thanks to the securely fastened discs, and the sturdy anodized aluminum construction ensures the body will not crack. It's the kind of press that will have you churning out goodies for years to come.

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Bed Bath & Beyond

Made of durable stainless steel, this model is designed to last, and the easy disassembly and convenient storage case ensure it will stay in great (ahem!) shape for years. The best feature by far is that it includes eight icing tips, so you can shape your cookies and ice them too. And you don't have to stop there. Use the tips to decorate cupcakes without a pastry bag, or get fancy by piping filling into the center of your deviled eggs.

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was $38.50

The stamp press is as straightforward as you can get: nothing to assemble, no aggravation over how much dough is released, and no crazy cleanup. It takes some prep time to roll out the dough and manually stamp, but the control to turn out cookies quickly once you're in motion is literally in the palm of your hands. Tip: You'll need to cut out the cookies separately before you stamp them, so have a separate round cutter handy.

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Williams Sonoma

No holiday dessert spread is complete without thumbprint cookies. Similar to other stamp presses, these manual thumbprint stamps reduce the need for more complicated gadgets. Simply press down, and voilà! A spring-loaded press leaves a gorgeous ruffle design with a convenient pocket in the middle for your favorite jam. And though they are made of plastic, the stamps are sturdy enough to slice through dough for clean edges, no separate cutter required.