Jesse Bratter

Jesse Bratter is a freelance writer/stylist living in South Florida. When she’s not working on creative endeavors, she’s traveling the country in search of an ice cream that beats Salt & Straw’s Double Fold Vanilla. So far, it can’t be found.
This Kitchen Was Inspired by More than 150 Other Kitchens
When you’re a photographer who’s shot more than 150 kitchens over the course of a decade — oh, and you’ve published a book called Styling For Instagram — chances are you’ve been saving up inspirations for your own dream kitchen that you hope to have one day.
Sep 20, 2022
The Coziest Kitchens to Get You Through Winter
Does this cold weather already have you feeling dark and gloomy? Wish you could stay inside and cook up all kinds of soups, stews, and wintery menus until the sun comes out? We hate to break it to you, but it’s not even technically winter yet! Luckily, we do have a solution to help you warm up: Grab a blanket and take a look through these cozy kitchens. Filled with thrift store finds and pendants that were gifts from friends, this Australian kitchen has lots of stories to tell.
Jun 9, 2019
How Miami’s Bread King, Zak the Baker, Starts His Day
Welcome to Kitchn’s series My Healthy Morning, where we show you how one person greets the day in a way that makes them feel their best. Each post will chronicle how that person defines healthy for themselves, and the habits and recipes that make their morning a little bit better.
May 30, 2019
A Food-Minded Guide to Everything Delicious About Miami
The beaches are beautiful, yes. And the palm trees are idyllic, for sure. But hands-down, the best thing about Miami is its diversity, and I mean that in two different ways. The first is the diversity of its people. From Cuba to South America to Israel to Europe, a melting pot of cultures and nationalities gives the sunny city its wonderful international flavor. It can be heard in the mix of languages, felt in the music, and tasted in the cuisine.
May 24, 2019
The $200 Dining Room Table That Looks Like $1000
I have strong opinions about IKEA: If I’m going to navigate that maze of room displays that culminates in an endless sea of stacked boxes, the trip had better be worth it. I’m never going to pop in for a few plates and plastic sandwich bags. (Mostly because one can not simply “stop by” an IKEA.
May 1, 2019
10 Gorgeous Kitchens That Prove You Need to Put a Rug in There
I’m the type of person who believes that every room deserves a rug (I’m also the type of person who doesn’t allow shoes on said rugs) — especially the kitchen and bathroom. I don’t mean a regular bath or kitchen mat, the kind that are just big enough to accommodate your feet as long as you stand in one place and don’t move. I mean an actual, full-blown area rug that you can take a few steps on — one you might have otherwise put in, say, your dining room.
Mar 16, 2018
I Got One of Those Expensive Holiday-Themed Le Creusets, and Here’s What I Used It For
The year was 2013. Hanukkah was upon us and people everywhere were losing their minds over the fact that the Festival of Lights would coincide with Thanksgiving for the first time since the 1800s. They called it Thanksgivukkah, and the Internet was abuzz with dishes that incorporated scrumptious traditions from both holidays: challah bread stuffing, cranberry applesauce, Manischewitz-brined turkey.
Feb 14, 2018
See Miami Through the Eyes of Award-Winning Chef Michelle Bernstein
When you think of Miami, what do you think of? A place to catch some rays with a frosty beverage in your hand and miles of sandy beaches at your feet? A place where salsa dance beats and international flavors create a tangible energy and sizzling nightlife scene? This is the Miami you see in the movies and hear about in songs. This is the Miami that everyone knows. But Miami is so much more than this — especially when it comes to food.
Mar 29, 2017
This Latin Television Host’s Miami Kitchen Has a Message for Us All
Who: Ingrid Hoffmann, cookbook author and television host of Simply Delicioso and Top Chef Estrellas Where: Miami, Florida On television, Ingrid Hoffmann comes across as warm and energetic, with a real zest for mindful living and eating. In person, the host of Food Network’s Simply Delicioso is just the same: an enthusiastic consumer of all that life and food have to offer.
Mar 26, 2017
You Have to See This Miami Chef’s Igloo-Shaped House
Who: Eileen Andrade, chef & owner of Finka Table & Tap Where: Miami, Florida For Eileen Andrade, the chef and owner of Finka Table & Tap, cooking is in her DNA. Her grandparents, Raul and Amelia Garcia, who immigrated from Cuba in 1977, are the founders of Islas Canarias Restaurant, known for keeping the Magic City in supply of real-deal croquetas.
Mar 22, 2017
A Visit with the Miami Bread King in His Kitchen
Who: Zak H. Stern and Batsheva Wulfsohn, the husband-and-wife team behind Zak the Baker; their daughters, 2-year-old Abigail and 4-month-old Maya Maybel. Where: Surfside, Florida Zak Stern is better known as Zak the Baker (also the name of his bakery in the Wynwood Arts District) and, for many, he has an even higher title: He is Miami’s crowned king of bread.
Mar 20, 2017