Adriana Velez

SEO Content Director at AT Media

Westchester County, NY

I began my career as a lowly food blogger in Brooklyn back in the day. Over time I built a freelance career before joining the staff of a lifestyle website for moms. From there I took a series of food editor positions at SheKnows, Thrillist, and The Spruce Eats before joining The Kitchn as Executive Editor. I've been the SEO Content Director for both The Kitchn and Apartment Therapy since January 2023. Through the years I've worked on numerous freelance projects. I've published recipes in the Washington Post and Bon Appetit, and I've done reporting for Serious Eats, GQ,, and various health publications. Two pieces I edited at Thrillist in 2019 were nominated for James Beard awards. And in 2021 a report I wrote on race and diabetes won a gold award from Digital Health Awards. I love helping people find answers to their questions quickly and efficiently; but even better, I love it when I can surprise them with a little magic.
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