Actress Eva Mendes Loves This Hard-Working Sponge as Much as I Do

published Oct 3, 2022
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Eva Mendes standing behind a pile of skrubby sponges
Credit: Skura Style

I never thought I’d become the kind of person who has strong feelings about kitchen sponges. And yet, here we are. About three years ago Skura Style kitchen sponges entered into my life, and they totally changed my perspective on what a kitchen sponge can actually do. 

The Skura line of sponges launched in spring 2019, ready to disrupt kitchen sinks everywhere. They’re made with odor-inhibiting antimicrobial foam rather than cellulose. They’re sold through a subscription service. And the scrubby side comes in fun colors printed with logos that fade with use. 

I was an early adopter, and I’m going to tell you why I love this sponge enough to write about it.

Skura Sponges Support the Two-Sponge System of Ultimate Kitchen Hygiene 

Why does this last point matter? Because of The System. Long before Skura arrived on the scene, the cult of the Two-Sponge System was born. This is where you use one sponge to clean dishes; after a week, you replace your dish-cleaning sponge with a new one, and the older sponge becomes the counter-cleaning sponge. 

Credit: Adriana Velez

Some of us are committed to The System like it’s the one thing keeping all the chaos of the world at bay.

Anyway, most sponges come in a pack of four, all the same color. So in order to keep track of the dish-cleaning sponge vs. the counter-cleaning sponge, you either have to assiduously maintain a designated spot for each sponge (impossible if you live with other people — especially the young, small type) or you have to rely on the sniff test. Blech.

The brilliance of Skura is that, in addition to the logos fading with use, the scrubby side of each sponge in the pack comes in a different color. So you’re going to remember that this week is a blue week, and even if you forget, you’ll notice that the logos on the orange sponge are faded, so therefore that is the counter-scrubbing sponge. Brilliant!

Skura Sponges Are Delivered to Me

Look, as a neurodivergent person, I need all the help I can get remembering things. So if someone offers to mail me my four sponges a month, I’m going to say yes. Could I try to remember to buy a pack of sponges once a month? Sure! (No, probably not.) Could I buy a bunch of sponges to hold in reserve? Actually, yes. Skura also sells the sponges in packs of 12 and 16, a plan-ahead kind of option I could aspire to.

But for now, getting each new package of four sponges means at least one tiny corner of my life will work as planned. 

How reliable have these deliveries been? For these past three years, cataclysmic world events notwithstanding, I don’t remember there ever being a delay. They keep showing up like clockwork, month after month.

Credit: Adriana Velez

Skura Sponges Stinketh Not

Sponge technology has come a long way in the past few years. Skura was among the first to produce foam-based sponges with antimicrobial properties that keep odors, mold, and mildew away. And unlike cellulose sponges, they don’t shrivel up into a little sponge-corpse when they dry out. 

Credit: Adriana Velez

I know Skura isn’t the only foam sponge on the market; people love their Sponge Daddy for the same reason. Believe me, I understand the appeal (the colors, the happy face). It’s just that Skura got to me first. Otherwise, I could be writing a different story right now.

Skura Sponges Are Co-Owned by Eva Mendes

In spring 2022 the actress-turned-investor acquired an equity stake in Skura Style’s parent company, Skrubby Hub LLC. Now that she’s Skura’s very visible co-owner and brand ambassador I feel personally validated in my sponge choice. Like, it’s not just me, OK? Eva Mendes was so obsessed with this sponge, she went and bought a stake in the company. That’s commitment (especially for someone who probably does not do as much cleaning as the rest of us do, tbh). 

Admit it: Aren’t you curious about a sponge co-owned by Eva? What kind of magic is going on there? What makes it star-worthy?

Are Skura Sponges Right for You?

This is a question to ponder deep in your soul … right after you do the math to see how they figure into your budget. Convenience is the biggest factor here, with the subscription and color-coded, logo-fading features. Otherwise, you could pay less for a sponge of the same quality.