8 iPad and Tablet Stands Made for Cooking in the Kitchen

updated Jun 5, 2019
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Cooking with a tablet has become standard practice for many of us. After all, how else can we cook from all the recipes we’ve pinned or Evernoted or saved to Paprika? Tablet stand makers are wise to this fact and have designed stands specially suited to the messy business of cooking. In fact, here are eight of them!

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Prepara iPad Tablet Stand and Stylus, $21.90 from Amazon (Image credit: Prepara)


  1. Prepara iPad Tablet Stand and Stylus, $21.90 from Amazon: Prepara’s tablet stand is a solid choice for a great price. The accompanying stylus means you won’t have to smear messy fingers all over the screen, and it collapses to fit easily into a drawer.
  2. iPad Cutting Board , $74.95 from The Orange Chef: This 2-in-1 product puts your tablet right where you want it: directly in front of you while you prep ingredients! Use a plastic chef sleeve to keep your tablet safe from splatters.
  3. iPad Stand, $39.95 from The Orange Chef: This dishwasher-safe iPad stand got the thumbs up from Emma when

    she reviewed it two years ago

  4. Belkin Chef Stand and Stylus for Tablets, $15 from Amazon: Another stylus-plus-stand combo is this one from Belkin, which Emma called an “indispensable tool”

    when she reviewed it here

  5. FridgePad for iPad, $49.99 from Woodford Design: Can’t imagine fitting one more thing on your countertop? Take your iPad and stick it on the fridge! Jot down shopping lists or watch videos while you’re at it.


  1. Belkin Kitchen Cabinet Tablet Mount, $30 from Amazon: Belkin’s tablet mount clips to cabinets using an adjustable clamp (no tools required) to keep your countertop uncluttered. It also folds down really nicely for storage.
  2. The Slope for 10″ Tablets, $49.99 from Dekke: The most minimalist of all the stands is the Slope, which holds tablets using special suction technology that mimics the “specialized toe pads common to the Gecko lizard.” Nice!
  3. Kitchen Tablet Stand, $39.99 from Sharper Image: Like the idea of using a stylus but don’t want a separate stand for it? This Sharper Image tablet stand comes with a weighted, self-standing stylus.

Do you have a favorite iPad or tablet stand you rely on in the kitchen?