3 Secret Weapons for a Prettier Pantry

published Dec 13, 2016
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(Image credit: Maxwell Ryan)

Our very own Maxwell Ryan worked with Mrs. Meyers to show off one of the most organized pantries out there. Whether you have an entire pantry or just a kitchen cabinet, these photos highlight three secret weapons that are a total must when it comes to keeping your ingredients — and other stuff — organized.

Here’s some food (storage) for thought.

(Image credit: Maxwell Ryan)

1. Labels

It never hurts to label. Labels looks pretty and can make your pantry accessible to everyone, especially when you’ve got guests in the house. With labels, visitors can find everything they need without rummaging around aimlessly. Plus, airtight containers keep foods fresher than their original bags do once opened, so a label is almost necessary once the packaging is gone. (This reminds us — you’ll also need clear containers!)

We love the look of these chalk labels. If you do too, consider using a white paint pen instead of dusty chalk. The writing will stay put long-term — just make sure you’re committed on what you’re placing in each container.

2. Baskets

Baskets are your best friend when it comes to corralling and combating clutter. They hide all sorts of organizational sins like random ingredients, plastic containers, dish towels, and more. Even if the stuff is toppling over inside each basket, you’ll still look like a very organized person at first glance.

3. Risers

It’s a pain to have to dig through bottles to see what you have or don’t have. Use an organizer with different levels to put small spices, jars, and bottles on display. This way, you’ll stop yourself from buying things you don’t need or misplacing things.

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