Trader Joe’s Just Brought Back This $4 “Luxury” Pantry Staple and It’s Already Selling Out

published Apr 14, 2024
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Raleigh, North Carolina USA-11 16 2022: Trader Joe's is a Specialty Grocery Store Chain Based in California.
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Trader Joe’s is known for being one of the most affordable grocery options out there, and yet, it’s also one of the best spots to find high-quality items, like a bourbon vanilla bean paste to give all of your homemade baked goods the seriously delicious upgrade they deserve. And now, thanks to Trader Joe’s latest drop of springtime eats, you can yet again grab a jar of their beloved pitted Amarena cherries.

Back by popular demand, the Pitted Amarena Cherries with Stems are a customer-favorite sweet treat. If you’re not familiar, Amarena cherries are small dark, bitter cherries typically grown in Bologna, Italy. They are packed in a sweet syrup that gives your dish a rich cherry-almond flavor. Sold at just $4.49 a jar, these cherries are perfect to have on hand for a little sweet treat in the afternoon, or to top on all of your favorite desserts.

Customers are, of course, raving about these cherries. “[They’re] the best! I buy five every time I find them,” writes one enthusiastic shopper on a post from @trader_joes_treasure_hunt.

Many shoppers are also commenting on their favorite ways to enjoy these cherries, and to be honest with you, we’re taking notes after seeing all these tips. One shopper says these cherries are ideal in a tall glass of lemonade. Another says they enjoy making a Black Forest cake with a mix of these cherries and frozen cherries to balance out the sweetness. TJ’s lovers also say these are great for making cocktails such as an old fashioned, or even homemade sodas. We’re thinking a soda with this cherry-vanilla syrup sounds particularly delicious.

Needless to say, we have a feeling you are going to want to get your hands on a jar before it sells out, especially if shoppers are buying them five at a time. With the way TJ’s cycles through their grocery products, we have a feeling this popular staple won’t be on shelves for long.