Tammy Everts

Recipe: Italian Greens and Beans
This was one of the first traditional Italian meals my not-so-traditional Italian husband cooked for me back in our courtin’ days, and it remains one of my favorites. If you’ve been hankering after the heaps of local escarole at the market this time of year, this recipe is a great way to put them to use. Best part: This satisfying one-dish meal can be made in about 45 minutes.
Feb 3, 2020
Agave Nectar: Healthful or Harmful?
When agave nectar burst onto the health food market, many people were excited about it as a substitute for refined sugar. But a growing body of research indicates that agave nectar — which is not, in fact, a nectar and is processed in much the same way as high-fructose corn syrup — might be as unhealthy as HFCS is purported to be.
May 2, 2019
Recipe: Cauliflower Purée
After trying a version of cauliflower puree at a local restaurant a couple of years back, I just had to track down a recipe. If you want to impress your guests, you can call this classic French dish by its original name: chou-fleur purée de chou-fleur. Traditionally used as a bed for serving roasted meats, in lieu of potatoes, it also makes a great side dish sans meat. This dish is a huge crowd pleaser, even among folks (i.e.
Feb 25, 2010
Technique: Slow Cooking Without a Slow Cooker
After reading Emma’s Ultimate Cheater Pulled Pork recipe last week, I was craving homemade pulled pork, but was saddened by the fact that, without a slow cooker, it seemed beyond my reach. I did some digging, however, and learned that there are some easy workarounds for this dilemma, and that my days of being stymied by slow cooker recipes are behind me.
Feb 23, 2010
Recipe: Apple and Parsnip Soup
We’re in the throes of deep-winter eating and there are definitely some days when it’s hard to find cooking inspiration in the produce section. This recipe, which was passed along by a friend, came just in time. The brilliant pairing of apples and parsnips is new and refreshing without being weird.Like most creamy soups, this soup is ridiculously easy to make and is very satisfying.
Feb 11, 2010
Good Idea: Toaster Pancakes
From the “Duh… eureka!” files: I’m embarrassed to admit to how many perfectly good pancakes I gave to the dog before it occurred to me to start freezing leftovers to reheat in the toaster. It’s a wonderful way to get a taste of the weekend on an otherwise rushed weekday morning. Here are a few tips.
Feb 2, 2010
The Little House Cookbook by Barbara M. Walker
After seeing Faith’s delectable post about making maple syrup taffy à la Little House in the Big Woods, I was compelled to pull down my battered copy of The Little House Cookbook and pore over the recipes inside. If, like me, you regularly re-read the Little House series as much for the mouthwatering food writing as for the stories, this cookbook is a must-read.
Jan 19, 2010