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Do you ever eat breakfast for lunch? Today we wanted a bowlful of those pearly steel-cut oats, hot and fragrant. Here are the other things we threw in...
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We've waxed rhapsodic about steel-cut oats in the past and we're not about to quit. Steel-cut oats are far less gummy and thick than flat-rolled oats. Read all about the differences between oats here: What's the Deal With Oatmeal?

For this particular batch of steel-cut oats we boiled two cups of salted water, then threw in a cinnamon stick, a handful of chopped dates, and about a 1/4 cup of flaked coconut. We slowly stirred in one cup of steel-cut oats, turned down the heat and let them simmer for about half an hour.

When they were thick and creamy we heaped them in a bowl, sprinkled on some pecans, a touch of sugar, and some butter and milk. Breakfast for lunch!

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The dates got all gooey and oozey when they cooked - rather like sweet, natural caramel in the oatmeal. You can see a bit of it in the photo above.

We've blogged about oats and breakfast for lunch before here: Brown Bag Thursday: Breakfast for Lunch. More oats below...

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