Whether you store your plastic storage containers in a drawer, cabinet, or some other hidden spot in your kitchen, we're going to take a guess that it is one of your least favorite places to organize.

While we're not promising that any one organizing trick will keep that Tupperware tamed, these seven ideas can help keep things a bit more in order.

  1. Create Flexible "Drawers" with Pegboard: Think pegboard is only good on your walls? Think again! You can use a sliding pegboard to create an organizer that can be easily reconfigured just by moving a few dowels.
  2. Your Drying Rack Does Double Duty: You can use a drying rack or old CD tower (chances are you still have one lurking in the basement or attic somewhere) to "file" your lids inside your cabinet.
  3. Divide Your Drawers: If you're confident that your plastic or glass container collection isn't going to change, divvy up you drawers so that there's a place for each size.
  4. Store Lids in Cereal Boxes: No need to buy expensive organizing containers. You can use cereal boxes with the tops and one side cut off to file your lids away.
  5. Just Buy the Bins: One of the easiest ways to organize anything in your home is to sort and store like items in bins. It's foolproof and only requires a little upkeep to stay organized.
  6. Store Lids on the Door: If you're handy with a sewing machine (or have a friend who is!) try storing your plastic lids in a DIY organizer like this one. You can customize it to fit your cabinet doors and the lids of your containers.
  7. Use Wire Shelves to Stash Lids: You might be used to seeing these wire drawers in the bathroom, but they can be put to good use in the kitchen as well.