(Image credit: Better Homes & Gardens)

Trying to squeeze a small pantry into a kitchen? Save some space and create a really cool element by using a sliding barn door to hide the pantry, or the laundry, or coffee station — anything in a closet. These sliding barn doors have become so popular lately — here are 10 great examples of barn doors in the kitchen.

Here are ten of my favorite uses of a barn door (or sliding doors) in the kitchen.

  1. Rustic Door: Here's a really gorgeous rustic door used as pantry door.
  2. Pantry & Laundry: This example isn't exactly a traditional barn door, since it acts more like a closet slider, but the styling is similar — and look how smart! So much is packed into that closet: laundry, microwave, pantry!
  3. Glass Door: This glass door lets in a little more light and gives the sliding functionality while being a bit more modern.
  4. Gray Door: I like how this gray door covers up a whole pantry of dishes and complements the rest of the colors in the kitchen.
  5. Chalkboard Doors: These doors to a small pantry get double functionality with chalkboard paint.
  6. Double Door Pantry: A big, gorgeous pantry gets all-white double doors.
  7. Farmhouse Door: The whitewashed look here adds to the farmhouse history and charm.
  8. Galley Kitchen: One way to use a barn door is to squeeze a small, shallow pantry into one end of a galley kitchen, as they did here. A good use of space!
  9. Barn Door: Simple white door, rustic handles, tons of storage.
  10. Barn Door on a Cupboard: Barn doors don't have to all be full-sized doors; this is a smart use of a barn-style door on a cupboard.