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7 Timeless Kitchen Upgrades You Won’t Regret Down the Line, According to Pros


Image Credit: Nicole White

We talked to a few expert renovators and interior designers to learn how to make kitchen design decisions that will go the distance. Here’s how to spend your reno budget. 

Image Credit: Alyssa Bovino

Good quality hardware in mixed metals

Complementary hardware styles in a couple finishes — say, matte black and burnished gold — keeps things interesting and versatile. 

Image Credit: Marisa Vitale

A sink under the window

Place your sink under a window so you have a better view, or onto a central kitchen island to improve the flow of the room. 

Image Credit: Janet Lee

More natural light

Most kitchens don’t have enough natural light. Try cutting out the top section of the door, or adding a skylight. 

Image Credit: Alyssa Bovino

Natural wood flooring

If you have the opportunity to add or uncover hardwood floors, do it. Natural wood flooring in warm, golden tones never goes out of style. 

Image Credit: Chloe Berk

Extra shelving

Even if the shelving is in addition to upper cabinets, not in place of them, you won’t regret plentiful storage. 

Image Credit: Laura Moss

A classic backsplash, with a twist

Tile with a bold, eye-catching pattern is always timeless. Try large-format tile with smaller grout lines in a herringbone pattern. 

Image Credit: Nicole White

A pot filler

Pot fillers are controversial. They’re beloved by homeowners who frequently cook at home for families—especially those who favor big-batch kitchen sessions. 

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