Image credit: Joe Lingeman

The Best Cheese for Your Zodiac Sign


Image Credit: Joe Lingeman

There’s a perfect cheese out there for you and you probably didn’t even know it! Let’s find out which cheese is best for your zodiac sign.

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Aquarius: Swiss

This cheese is wise, sharp, and has a subtly sweet taste that’s perfect for sandwiches.

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Pisces: Brie

It’s ooey and gooey and totally romantic, just like you.

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Aries: Parmesan

It’s a hard, dry cheese with complex flavor.

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Taurus: Gouda

It’s a cheese you can depend on.

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Gemini: Chèvre

It’s earthy, tangy, and totally soft and spreadable.

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Cancer: Camembert

It’s like brie, but extra. 

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Leo: Cheddar

It  dominates the grocery store, has a huge range of flavor and texture, and is great on a cheese plate or in a sandwich. 

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Virgo: Gorgonzola

This rich, soft-textured cheese is complex and wise.

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Libra: Gruyère

This balanced cheese is creamy, salty, nutty, and complex.

Image Credit:  Pronina Marina

Scorpio: Feta

It’s a cheese unlike any cheese.

Image Credit: Anastasiia Petrych

Sagittarius: Manchego

This Spanish cheese is always mild and creamy, but as it ages it gets a little sweeter and nuttier.

Image Credit: Kelli Foster

Capricorn: Mozzarella

The cheese is tangy and salty, and has a totally unique texture. 

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Image Credit: Joe Lingeman