Aperitif Recipe: Vanilla-Pear Cava Sparkler

The 10-Minute Happy Hour

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The point of an aperitif it is to wake up your taste buds, readying them for the meal to come. For me, bubbly aperitifs are always a win. This week's 10-Minute Happy Hour is a mash up of Spanish pours and a ripe Bosc pear, perfect for a refreshing, fall-inspired aperitif.

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Licor 43, also known as Cuarenta y Tres, is a sweet liqueur that reminds me of the cans of cream soda we sipped as kids. It's oozing with vanilla and light citrus notes and a fun pour to keep at your bar. Adding a splash of this to chilled Cava, the Spanish sparkling wine, makes a darling happy hour toast all on its own — but since we're celebrating fall I've included ripe pear puree in the glass as well.

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I used a ripe Bosc pear, but you can use any ripe pear of your choosing. I simply peeled the pear, trimmed out the core, and tossed it in the blender to puree. I then strained it for a smoother finish. You can substitute store-bought pear nectar but that will make a sweeter sip. Ideally an aperitif should not be too sweet, as you don't want to fatigue your tastebuds before your evening has begun.

This simple cocktail is a delicate combination that pours up a lively sip perfect for toasting this weekend. Invite some friends, serve up some Spanish almonds and some Manchego cheese, and you've got a delicious happy hour in no time.

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Pear Vanilla Sparkler

Serves 1

1 1/2 ounces strained pear puree (See Recipe Notes)
1 ounce Liqor 43
3 to 4 ounces Spanish Cava, chilled
Vanilla bean or pear slice for garnish

Add the strained pear puree and Liquor 43 to a flute glass. Stir to combine. Top with chilled Cava. Garnish and enjoy.

Recipe Notes

  • The recipe calls for pear puree, which is simply done in your blender by pureeing a peeled and seeded ripe pear. Or you may substitute pear nectar, but that will make a sweeter cocktail.
  • I use the Spanish sparkling wine Cava here, but you can subsitute any dry or brut bubbly wine of your choice.

(Images: Maureen Petrosky)

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