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This Personal-Sized Blender Finally Made My Dream of Daily Smoothies a Reality

published Aug 12, 2021
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Credit: Joe Lingeman

Starting my day off with a smoothie was, for a while, something I only aspired to. For one, I’m not what you call an early riser — so breakfast is usually an afterthought. I also have three dogs (one is a puppy!), who always get a lot of attention — especially in the morning when they’re at their most playful. And, of course, there’s the actual act of making the smoothie. I love my full-sized blender, but, again, it’s full-sized — which makes it too much to clean for a single-serving smoothie.

Enter: The Zwilling Efinigy Personal Blender. It is, single-handedly, the reason I now drink a smoothie every morning. Here’s why.

1. It’s easy to use.

This is the most intuitive personal-sized blender I’ve ever tried. The cup has markings on the sides, which makes it a cinch to add the amount of liquid you want without having to dirty a measuring cup. The base screws on easily and when it’s time to blend, you just push the cup down to “lock” it into place — no twisting or jiggering necessary!

The blender also has a light-up display and just two settings, which is all it needs. To the right is a “smoothie” setting and to the left is what Zwilling calls a “multi-function” option, which is meant for mixing ingredients together, coarsely chopping, or pulsing. I also love that it comes with a drinking cup lid that has a spout for easy sipping. When you’re done blending, you simply swap the blender lid for the drinking lid!

Credit: Riddley Gemperlein-Schirm

2. It truly is the perfect size.

It’s technically a single-serving smoothie maker, but it holds up to 20 ounces, so it makes one large smoothie or a totally shareable amount for two. Because of its smaller size, the whole machine is easy to store … and clean. After drinking my smoothie, I add a bit of hot water and dish soap to the blender cup, pop the blender lid back on, and run it for a few seconds to clean it before emptying the dirty water and giving it a rinse in the sink.

And in case you’re conflating small with weak, I should let you know that it absolutely pulverizes my favorite smoothie (which has orange juice, kale, and frozen mango in it) in seconds. More like small but mighty!

3. It’s seriously sleek.

Because the blender’s exterior is made from stainless steel, this blender actually looks good sitting out on your kitchen countertop. It’s the modernistic-looking blender you’ve always wanted! (Just me?) I have the white and stainless steel version, but there’s also a black one — depending on what aesthetic you gravitate towards.

While I’ve only used it, so far, for smoothies, I’m excited to try sauces, dips, and small-batch purées in it. I even (gasp!) leave it out on my countertop now, for whenever a need for a smoothie strikes.

Do you have a favorite personal-sized blender? Let us know in the comments!