Zwilling Just Slashed Prices on Their Most Popular Knives — Here’s What to Snag ASAP

published Feb 13, 2023
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someone is mincing garlic on a cutting board
Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Food Stylist: Cyd McDowell

Before I joined the ranks here at Kitchn, I wasn’t too familiar with cutlery brands. As far as I was concerned, a knife is a knife. As long as it’s sharp and slices without a hitch, I’m happy. Now, I know there’s a lot that goes into choosing the right model or set. In order to have knives that stay sharp and durable for years, you might have to splurge a bit. The best place you can go, hands down, is Zwilling. They have everything you could possibly need when it comes to cutlery, whether you’re looking for a classic chef’s knife, your next dining silverware set, or charcuterie must-haves. And, each piece is made from the finest materials and sure to last you forever. We know their prices can be steep, so it’s good to snag their products on sale when you can. The good news is that right now, you can shop tons of editor-favorites for as much as 70 percent off. Just keep reading to see a few of our prized picks from Zwilling.

1 / 9
was $113.00

You'll feel every bit the professional chef once you grab ahold of Zwilling's ever-popular 8-inch chef's knife. It can carry out a wide variety of functions, from mincing to slicing, thanks to its ice-hardened steel blade. The knife also features a laser-controlled edge, which means incredible precision and the ability to tackle any prep task without a problem!

2 / 9
was $399.00

If you're going to invest in an entire knife block set, it might as well be a self-sharpening one. This set keeps itself looking brand-new with its built-in sharpener — plus it's a whopping 60 percent off right now! With your purchase, you get a 4-inch paring knife, a 6-inch carving knife, an 8-inch chef’s knife, kitchen shears, and the 15-slot block. Consider all your meal prep needs covered.

3 / 9
was $12.50

Marked down to just $8, the 3-inch paring knife is almost adorable in its compactness. But, make no mistake — its small stature makes the knife perfect for segmenting fruit and completing other precise motions. What's more, its textured handle ensures that your hand won't slip in the middle of slicing.

4 / 9
was $112.00

It's nothing short of an inconvenience when you're hosting guests or cooking for the whole family, and you don't have enough sharp knives for each person to eat comfortably. These serrated steak knives arrive in a set of four, so you'll never feel bad for giving someone a dull blade again. Now, you can score these red-handled beauties for more than 50 percent off!

5 / 9
was $138.00

Seasoned chefs and culinary amateurs alike will appreciate this small knife. Its size allows you to have more control of the blade, resulting in a quicker prep time. Really, this piece is more of an ideal in-between size when you compare it to both a paring knife and a classic chef's knife. It's great for cutting littler pieces of food, such as garlic or berries.

6 / 9
was $219.99

It might look intimidating at first, but this 7-inch cleaver will quickly become your go-to for chopping and dicing everything from meat to — as its name states — veggies. Its blade sports a broad curve, which spurs an easy rocking motion so you can basically chop on autopilot. And, you won't be surprised to find that the cleaver can get through even the toughest fibers, leaving you with clean cuts.

7 / 9
was $80.00

The 12-piece dinner set arrives in an elegant wooden box, so you might consider gifting the lovely package to your favorite at-home chef. It comes with six steel steak knives and forks to match. These lustrous pieces will light up the dining table the next time you want to impress guests.

8 / 9
was $70.00

Every special occasion calls for a quality carving knife, so why not make it this one? The knife's blade is unbelievably sharp, and its handle is designed for maximum maneuverability. It's a customer-favorite for a reason, with Zwilling shoppers praising its even slicing and lightweight construction.

9 / 9
was $188.00

This stunning piece is one of the best chef's knives we've tested. We love it for its ergonomic handle, which allows for plenty of control, as well as its sharp, multipurpose blade and easy-to-clean design. Even if you slice through highly pigmented foods with this piece, a few hand-washes will restore its vibrant white hue.