Zwilling Just Slashed Prices on Their Most Popular Knives — Here Are 6 Deals You Can’t Afford To Miss

updated May 7, 2021
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Whether you’re just getting your footing in the kitchen or your culinary feats are impressive, there’s something everyone in both camps needs: A fantastic knife. The ultimate kitchen essential tool, anyone who has sliced and diced with a sharp blade knows what a difference a good knife can make. And when it comes to picking a long-lasting, high-quality knife, Zwilling is, hands-down, one of our favorite brands to shop from. Beloved by Kitchn editors and readers alike, their knives make prep time at the cutting board so much easier. But Zwilling knives can be pricey investments. Which is why we had to flag this epic sale that includes some of the brand’s bestselling knives for almost 60 percent off right now. (Yes, including that iconic 8-inch chef’s knife!) And with prices this low, things are likely to sell out quickly. So to help you get to the good stuff fast, we rounded up some of our favorite picks below.

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was $38.00

This versatile paring knife just might become the MVP of your kitchen. Thanks to Zwilling’s ice-hardening method, you won’t have to worry about the sturdy and flexible blade corroding. Four Star is the brand’s bestselling series for good reason, boasting knives made from special steel that has been perfected over 280 years. The knife’s ergonomic design makes it comfortable to chop for as long as you need, while the bolster creates balance and works as a safe finger guard.

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was $113.00

Another must-have in the kitchen, a chef’s knife will constantly be in use. And thanks to the special-formula steel, the blade will stay harder and sharper for longer, plus it won’t stain or chip. Their chef’s knife boasts single-piece, precision-stamped blade construction, which is lighter than forged knives, making it easier to handle. Its ergonomic, three-riveted handle means your hand won’t cramp up, and the blade and handle are perfectly balanced.

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was $75.00

At 60 percent off, this trio of shears is a serious steal. Since you get one in each color — Blueberry Blue, Granada Red, and Lime Green — you can reserve each one for a different duty, such as snipping herbs, cutting up foods, or even for general kitchen scissor duties like opening packages. The polypropylene handles work in a range of ways, including as a bottle cap opener, screw cap opener, and jar lid lifter. The micro-serrated blades are crafted from top-notch corrosion-resistant stainless steel and are designed to stay sharp and avoid slipping. Bonus: They work equally well for right- and left-handed people.

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was $162.50

This magical multitasker can handle everything from prepping meat to fish, veggies, and herbs, whether you’re cutting, chopping, or dicing. Designed to be perfectly balanced so you can slice and dice with ease, this knife was designed in Italy and made in Germany. It has a unique curved bolster to provide a safer and more comfortable grip. The entire length of the blade can be sharpened, from bolster to tip, so it’ll always be on top of its game.

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was $112.50

At more than half off, you’ll want to add this knife to your cart before it sells out. This little guy does it all, from peeling and chopping fruits and veggies to slicing meats and cheeses, butterflying chicken breasts, and loads more. Forged from a single pieced of high carbon, no-stain steel, it’ll stand the test of time. Its ergonomic molded polypropylene handle keeps hands happy.

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was $400.00

Struggling to cut up your steak at dinner takes some of the joy out of the meal. That will never be the case with this set of four steak knives. No matter if you like yours rare or well done, these will slice right into the meat. Made from the brand’s secret formula steel, they won’t chip or stain and will retain their sharpness for an impressively long time. The ergonomic polymer, three-rivet handle will keep you comfy all through dinner.