Zwilling Is Having a Huge Sale (Up to 70% Off!) on Kitchen Knives and It Includes So Many Editor Favorites

updated Jul 21, 2020
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Credit: Joe Lingeman

Fact: A good knife is an absolute kitchen essential. It can make even the toughest cutting jobs a whole lot easier and save you precious time prepping everyday meals. But high-quality knives from big brands usually don’t come cheap, which is why we’re always on the lookout for a super deal. And we just found a really good one: Zwilling is currently hosting a massive sale on their highly rated Four Star kitchen knives with savings of up to 70 percent off. The sale includes so many Kitchn editor favorites, as well as the coveted knife that made our best list. Check out some of our top picks below, and be sure to browse the rest of the sale!

Credit: Zwilling

1. Zwilling Four Star 8-Inch Chef’s Knife

A chart-topper on our Best Chef’s Knives List, the 8-inch chef’s knife is a great value for your buck. It can slice, dice and chop everything from vegetables to meats to fruits like a total boss! The blade’s material is also pretty unique, since it’s crafted using an ice-hardening process that makes it sturdy, sharp and corrosion resistant. The sale also includes the 6-inch and 10-inch sizes, so you can pick your favorite based on your requirements.

Buy: Zwilling Four Star 8-Inch Chef’s Knife, $100 (normally $125)

Credit: Zwilling

2. Zwilling Four Star 7-Pc Self-Sharpening Block Set

Our gear pro Sharon loves her Zwilling Four Star self-sharpening knife block set, which has earned a permanent spot on her countertop. The block has a built-in sharpener, which, she says, is “a completely passive way to make sure I can always cut tomatoes so thin that you can see through them or dice an onion without having to worry about the blade slipping.” The set also includes a wide range of blade sizes and options that make everyday cooking easier.

Buy: Zwilling Four Star 7-Pc Self-Sharpening Block Set, $230 (normally $644)

Credit: Zwilling

3. Zwilling Four Star 5.5-Inch Prep Knife

“I feel so silly admitting this but, a lot of the time, I really do prefer this smaller prep knife over a larger chef’s knife,” says Lifestyle Director Lisa, who loves her 5.5-inch prep knife from Zwilling. “It just makes me feel like I have more control over the blade, which is nice when I’m making smaller cuts or dealing with small jobs.” A lot smaller than the 8-inch chef’s knife and a tad bigger than the paring knife, it’s a nice in-between for everyday tasks like mincing garlic, slicing strawberries and cutting small potatoes.

Buy: Zwilling Four Star 5.5-Inch Prep Knife, $50 (normally $100)

Credit: Zwilling

4. Zwilling Four Star 7-Inch Santoku Knife

While the 8-inch chef’s knife features a blade tip that naturally causes a rocking motion as you cut, the absence of a tip on this Santoku knife lets you slice in a single downward cut. Although the knife is great for almost every job, it particularly stands out when you’re looking to create extra thin slices of meat, seafood, cheese, fruit and vegetables. Plus, the extra-wide blade is useful for scooping ingredients off a cutting board and directly into a pan.

Buy: Zwilling Four Star 7-Inch Santoku Knife, $90 (normally $113)

Credit: Zwilling

5. Zwilling Four Star 9-Inch Country Bread Knife

If baking fresh loaves of bread is officially part of your routine, you’ll want a good bread knife in your tool kit. The sharp, serrated country bread knife slices through everything from crusty to soft loaves with complete ease. The blade is also forged from a special-formula high carbon steel that doesn’t stain or rust over time.

Buy: Zwilling Four Star 9-Inch Country Bread Knife, $100 (normally $125)

Credit: Zwilling

6. Zwilling Four Star 3-Inch Paring Knife

When it comes to more intricate jobs like peeling fruit, deveining shrimp or cutting small garnishes, you’ll want this 3-inch paring knife for the job. The precision-honed blade and laser-controlled edge give you an ideal cutting angle for extra sharpness, while the high-quality materials used to create the knife ensure durability.

Buy: Zwilling Four Star 3-Inch Paring Knife, $45 (normally $57)