The $55 Nonna Knife You Should Be Reaching for Every Time You Meal Prep

published Jan 31, 2024
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For those who enjoy sandwiches as much as myself, you understand the significance of a reliable knife in the kitchen. Crafting the perfect lunch, complete with expertly sliced bread, tomatoes, and meats, should be effortless (especially when you do it regularly). Yet, when your trusty knife begins to lose its edge, that once-smooth process turns into a frustrating struggle, dampening the joy of your midday meal — cue the takeout! If you whip up lunch for yourself frequently, it’s important to own a dependable knife that makes crafting it a breeze, and Zwilling’s Utility Knife does just that.

This petite, lightweight knife effortlessly glides through the tough exteriors and tender interiors of foods like bread and veggies for a seamless slicing experience. With a handle designed to conform to your grip, each cut is precise and thorough. In essence, Zwilling’s Utility Knife lets you infuse every bite with the same love and care your grandma brought to her kitchen, and how can you beat that?

What Is the Zwilling Twin Signature 5-Inch Utility Knife?

Scaled down from its bread knife relative, this versatile utility knife — also known as a “nonna knife” — effortlessly slices tough on the outside and soft on the inside foods like tomatoes, bagels, and salami with ease. Crafted with German stainless steel, its blade is lightweight and hardened through Zwilling’s signature ice-hardening technique for guaranteed sharpness that lasts. Balanced by an ergonomic, triple-rivet handle, this utility knife promises a comfortable grip. Plus, it’s dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup, though a gentle hand wash is recommended for ensuring the long life of the blade!

What Zwilling Reviewers Are Saying

Rating: 4.7/5

“Sometimes, when you use something frequently, you run the risk of losing it. Well, that’s what happened to the utility knife that came with my block set. So when I replaced it, I decided to upgrade to the twin signature version. I should have done that ages ago! If you use a knife daily, you appreciate the ergonomics of the handle” — Soupyt

“I purchased the serrated utility knife to replace a broken utility knife in a basic $40 set. I figured it was time to adult, so research landed me on Zwilling. Wow am I blown away by the difference in quality. The heft (while not heavy, but just present) was not there with my old knife. The grip felt good and secure, and the blade was so sharp that everything I cut felt like ‘a hot knife through butter.’ I expect this will be the start of my Zwilling collection that I’ll build on slowly over time, and what an awesome first purchase.” — nilesnilesniles

“I love fresh tomatoes and wanted a good knife to cut them with. I went with this serrated utility because the sharp blade cuts easily through the skin without crushing the delicate insides. The German-made stainless steel blade is very sharp and durable. The handle is nice and light and is very comfortable in my hand. It is also great for bagels and citrus fruit.” — Dancooks

Priced at just $55, this “nonna knife” is a must-have kitchen tool. In the realm of unnecessary purchases, rest assured, this isn’t one of them. If you’re into cooking at home, consider it an essential that’ll see frequent use. It’s not just a knife; it’s an upgrade for your culinary endeavors.