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Make These Zucchini Lasagna Roll-Ups for a Low-Carb Dinner

published Jun 21, 2018
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Ever since I got the chance to chat with Ali Maffucci, the zoodle-loving founder of Inspiralized, I’ve been racking my brain for zucchini’s next big break. There must be at least one mind-blowingly revolutionary use for summer squash that we just haven’t discovered yet, right? Right?

Before I enter into a deep research and development phase, I’m going to make these zucchini lasagna roll-ups from Damn Delicious and call it inspiration. Instead of zucchini as spaghetti noodle, behold: zucchini as lasagna noodle.

Slice three large zucchini lengthwise into 1/8-inch strips. Use a vegetable peeler or mandoline to get them perfectly uniform. Lay the zucchini slices on a baking sheet lined with paper towels and sprinkle each side with a pinch of salt. While those absorb the seasoning, brown and crumble Italian sausage in a skillet.

To make the “lasagna” filling, combine the cooked sausage with ricotta, parmesan, egg, basil, and garlic in a bowl. Spread the filling along the zucchini slices and sprinkle with mozzarella cheese, which will bind the rolls when it melts. (You can also use toothpicks to hold the rolls together if they’re a little loose.)

Place the rolls on top of a layer of marinara sauce in an ovenproof skillet or baking dish, and then top with even more sauce and mozz. Bake these for 30 minutes and you’re ready to go. This is a low-carb lasagna rendition that I can definitely get behind — and I think my Italian grandmother would agree.

Now we just have to come up with an ingenious name for this technique. What are your thoughts on zasagna?

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