I Use These $16 Portable Utensils So Often That I Bought a Second Set

published Jul 27, 2023
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Thanks to a little bit of serendipitous online shopping, I stumbled upon this portable utensil set while cruising around for a new water bottle. My initial vision was to use them for a future camping trip, but when they arrived I realized how versatile they’d be for other aspects of my life — notably lunch on the go! 

Quick Overview

What’s to Love About the ZOKU Pocket Utensil Set?

The ZOKU Pocket Utensil Set is endlessly reusable and super eco-friendly. The portable fork, spoon, and knife are made with food-safe stainless steel, and the dishwasher-safe carrying case is sturdy and also has a silicone insert to keep the utensils from clanging around.

And while that camping trip is still on the horizon (and I don’t have a new water bottle yet), these ZOKU utensils are now fully woven into my everyday life.

What’s So Great About the ZOKU Pocket Utensil Set?

I’m a huge fan of exploring the outdoors for short weekday hikes and even working on the go from the bench of local parks — especially in warmer weather. Bringing food along is a necessity when spending hours outside, but the practice created a lot of waste with my use of disposable utensils. These utensils are a great eco-friendly solution.

Credit: Nilina Mason-Campbell

Whenever I’ve attempted to bring an actual fork from home, it inevitably comes loose in my tote bag and rarely ever makes it to the sink after a day of use. Just like socks seemingly disappearing in the dryer, my forks were being misplaced at a rapid pace — only emerging whenever I’d switch my tote bag out — and ending up everywhere else but the kitchen. This ZOKU set is a convenient way to eat on the go and the packaging is so cute that it inspires me to fish them out and wash them for reuse the following day. In fact, I now own two sets because they’re that convenient!

Credit: Nilina Mason-Campbell

I especially love that the utensils are made of stainless steel, so they’re technically real silverware. The carrying case is a hard plastic shell, and has a silicone insert that holds the utensils tightly so they don’t clank around inside. And despite the utensils being pocket-sized, they don’t feel too short or tiny in my hand. 

Credit: Nilina Mason-Campbell

On days that I’m posted up underneath a canopy of trees and working from my iPad, I’ll grab a coffee to go and either pack a Pyrex container or buy something from the counter at my local grocery store. But in either scenario, I throw this set in my tote bag before I dash out the door.