The Perfect Ice Cream Truck Treat, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

published Jul 26, 2021
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I scream, you scream, we all … know how it goes. Surely you remember the days of chasing the sing-song siren all around town and counting your lemonade-stand money to get your favorite treat. 

You’d huddle with your friends to see what everyone else got, which was always fun, because each treat truly had its own personality. While some were popular and classic, others were playful and eccentric. Some were chocolatey and decadent, while others were fruity and light. Then, there were some that swirled the best of dessert worlds together to make indulgent creations you could only dream of. 

TLDR; each ice cream truck treat is truly a unique treasure. And, because you are too, we’ve consulted the zodiac to figure out which treat speaks the most to who you are. Will your assigned icy treat be a reflection of you? Will you be inspired to branch out of your comfort zone and discover something new? Roll up your sleeves, pull out your loose change, and look to see what’s written in the stars.

Aries: Push-Up Pops

Given you’re here, there, and everywhere, Push-Up Pops are a true match for your on-the-go energy. Of course, you don’t take your time eating them because you have projects to complete and adventures to be had. You are admired for your confidence and also love a good challenge. We wouldn’t put it past you to lead a competition with your friends to see who can eat their Push-Up Pop the fastest (you’d win, of course). While you can be a little messy at times, just like these beloved ice pops, people enjoy your charisma and relentless determination down to the last drop. 

Taurus: Choco Taco

As the most sensual sign of the zodiac, you are the epitome of the decadent Choco Taco. Deliciously complex, this well-crafted treat reflects your love of indulgence and attention to sensory detail. You don’t settle for anything that doesn’t bring you the utmost amount of pleasure (like that variety of textures between the waffle cone, hardened chocolate, and ice cream!). As the child of Venus — the planet of love and affection — you are enchanted by both comfort and luxury. The Choco Taco offers that sense of familiarity but also keeps things enjoyable — even to your high standards.

Gemini: Chipwich

If there’s one thing that makes the Chipwich so irresistible, it’s the duality of ice cream and cookie. Ring any bells? Much like your celestial twin spirit, these two worlds collide to form something that offers more than one flavor or perspective. As the innovator that you are, you see the possibilities in everything, leading you to ask many questions — such as, “Why not have both cookie and ice cream?” Because of your own duality, you are highly adaptable to any social situation. Just like you, the Chipwich is a fan-favorite at barbecues, campfires, parties, you name it — it just makes everything better and more fun.

Cancer: Creamsicle

You may come off as cold and icy at first, but it doesn’t take long for people to get a taste of who you really are — sweet, soothing, and easy to please. Just like a Creamsicle’s unassuming presence in the ice cream treat world, you are humble and always bring a smile to someone’s face. However, you’re by no means simple. Much like the delicious blend of fruit and cream flavors, you love to express yourself and want to be seen for who you are. This nostalgic treat also speaks to your nurturing side and affinity for having everyone you love together — even if you’re doing nothing but enjoying each other’s company. 

Leo: Firecracker 

If the name of this treat doesn’t reflect the nature of your fiery spirit, we don’t know what does. Charismatic and big-hearted, you’re always the star of the show, even if you’re not trying to be. Your presence never goes unnoticed because of your ability to light up a room and make any party better. With three delicious layers of cherry, white lemon, and blue raspberry, this pop offers a little something for everyone. (And so do you!) People always know what they’re in for when you’re around — you don’t play games and prefer to express yourself honestly and directly. Loyal to the core, you want to spread your positive energy everywhere you go. 

Virgo: Fudge Pop 

If there’s one thing you love, it’s consistency. And if there’s one thing Fudge Pops offer, it’s the promise of being consistently good. As a true perfectionist, you prefer to master one thing and be amazing at it rather than be “just OK” at a lot of different things. So, if something is tasty, authentic, and loved by many, why add any fanciness to it? Fudge Pops are a best-seller all year-round, which reflects your inspiring hard work and dedication you put into everything. People can always count on you to get the job done — just like this fudgy, decadent treat that always, always hits the sweet spot.

Libra: Snow Cone 

For the most aesthetic-driven zodiac sign, the rainbow Snow Cone has Libra written all over it. The harmonious blend of shaved ice, simple sugar, and drizzle of color speaks to your love of beauty, balance, and visual splendor. As you’re ruled by Venus, the planet of love, you are sociable by nature. No matter the scenario you’re in, you always make great conversation and know how to get to the heart of others. You may aim to please and fear disappointing people. However, thanks to your effortless charm, colorful spirit, and sweet disposition, people are always enticed by you.

Scorpio: Screwball 

Ah, the Screwball. Icy, obscure, and perhaps a little intimidating, you (and this treat!) also happen to be sweet and full of surprises. People are naturally curious about you; however, you don’t fully reveal yourself unless someone has proven their trust and loyalty. You know, like eating all the way down to the bottom of the cherry slushed ice cone. Those who are committed to the task know that you have a lot of depth and exciting things to offer. And just like the ice-cold gum ball at the bottom, you may give those you love a hard time. However, when it comes down to it, they know you have their back and love how you fully consume them. 

Sagittarius: Drumstick 

Optimistic and free-spirited, you march to the beat of your own drum(stick). This classic treat has been around since the beginning of time, just like the old soul that you are. Like this treat, which features vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, and nuts, you know how to adapt to many different tastes and preferences. You live and learn through your experiences and are always chasing many pursuits that spark your curiosity. But no matter where you are in the world, you can’t resist something that feels and tastes like home to keep you grounded in what truly matters. 

Capricorn: Ice Cream Sandwich 

You’re a traditionalist — and anyone who knocks that has clearly never experienced the pure joy of a classic ice cream sandwich. When you do something, you do it well and don’t disappoint. (Who’s to argue two chocolate wafer cookies stuffed with rich vanilla ice cream isn’t the true definition of success?) You work hard and are destined for big things in life. In your pursuit, you never lose sight of your values which are all about quality, tradition, and consistency. If that doesn’t sum up the beloved ice cream sandwich right there, we don’t know what does. 

Aquarius: Strawberry Shortcake Bar 

Can you get any more playful, colorful, and iconic than the Strawberry Shortcake Bar? Aquarians are change-making and taste-making and were probably into the Strawberry Shortcake Bar before it was even cool. With the signature cake coating, creamy vanilla, and sweet strawberry center, you can count on this rich treat for never being a boring choice. People see you for who you are and are drawn to your fun-loving nature and vibrant personality. You have big plans to make the world a better, more just place and we’re here for it — one Strawberry Shortcake Bar at a time. 

Pisces: Chocolate Eclair Bar

You’re always trying to reinvent the ordinary — so if you can have your cake and eat it as a Popsicle, you will gladly do so. You have lots of layers and depth to you, just like the signature cake coating and chocolate and vanilla ice cream that make up this delightful treat. It may take some time to get to your center, but for those who get there, you go to great lengths to ensure their happiness. As the empaths of the cosmos, you can intuit what others need even if they might not know it for themselves — and with the full spectrum of flavor you have to offer, you sure know how to make people feel good.