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The Little Splurge I Made for My Fridge That’s Totally Paid for Itself

published Aug 21, 2021
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There aren’t many products I’d consider, for me, to be “game-changing.” Sure, there are some that make cooking easier, some that are upgrades of old standbys, and others that are just nice to have. But few kitchen products stop me in my tracks. And I test a lot of kitchen gear (I’m the Tools Editor here at Kitchn!). So it’s really saying a lot that I was inspired to write this post about these reusable, upright Zip Top Silicone Food Storage Bags. I truly did not know how much I needed them and I definitely consider them to be game-changers.

They come in various sizes and shapes and in a few different colors, and are available in singles or as a set of eight, which is what I have. They’re not inexpensive compared to, say, plastic containers, but they’re on par with other reusable bags and they’re cheaper than buying plastic zip-top bags on repeat.

The key here, though, is that they stand upright. *On their own.* Have you ever seen a silicone storage bag that can do that? I hadn’t! This means they’re exceptionally easy to fill with crackers, pretzels, cookies, fruit, carrot sticks, a sandwich, saucy pasta, whatever. It also makes storing them in the fridge or pantry a snap, as they can hold their own without the assistance of bins or boxes.

The other great thing about Zip Top is how the bags seal. Instead of clasps or plastic seals, Zip Tops have silicone “zippers” you simply have to press with your fingers to close. It’s easy and, as long as you don’t fill the bags past their maximum capacity (which is noted on the sides of the bags), the zippers stay zipped until you don’t want them to. They’re also dishwasher-, microwave-, and freezer-safe. And, because of their corner-free shape, they’re super easy to clean with a sponge or in the dishwasher.

But! Don’t just take my word for it. Our Lifestyle Director, Lisa Freedman, loves them too. Here’s what she had to say about them: “These silicone bags are ridiculously sturdy and they stand up on their own, which is not only great for filling purposes, but also for cleaning. I can just put them on the top rack of the dishwasher and they get perfectly clean. There are no corners or creases for gunk to hide in! And that means they dry much faster than other bags too.”

Credit: Riddley Gemperlein-Schirm

Because of Zip Tops, I’ve stopped using single-use plastic bags entirely. They’ve saved me money, made me less wasteful, and helped me get a more organized pantry and fridge. Pretty game-change-y, no?

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