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The Makers of My Favorite Gluten-Free Pasta Just Dropped a New Product That’ll Make Weekday Meals So Much Easier

published Oct 25, 2022
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Credit: Laura Rege

If you’ve been scrolling Kitchn recently, you may have read about my obsession with innovative pasta brand ZENB. In fact, as the resident celiac on our team, I’m always on the search for the next best GF alternative — and I’ve certainly found a few that have become new staples in my kitchen. But, I gotta say, none really rocked my world quite like ZENB. The truth is, growing up in an Italian family, I had relinquished all hope of finding a worthy gluten-free noodle years before I discovered these pea-based cuts. So, you can trust me when I say: This pasta is almost too good to be true.

After first falling in love with their versatile rotini, I’ve been delightfully surprised by their release of spaghetti and a fun little shape called “Agile” that’s perfect for mac and cheese (and so much more). But, ZENB just doesn’t stop coming out with awesome new launches that make my mealtimes totally tasty. Most recently, these flavor makers have gone above and beyond with a total game-changer for easy dinners and lunches on the go. Meet the all new Pasta Agile Bowl, ZENB’s instant meal in a bowl.

In some ways, these scrumptious little bowls are similar to instant ramen noodles: Add water and seasoning, throw it in the microwave, and voila. Who doesn’t love cooking that’s just three simple steps? I mean, I’ve seriously never had a bowl of steaming hot, unbelievably yummy food in front of me in less time. Let’s do the math: It takes 10 seconds to add water, 90 seconds to microwave, and 60 seconds to sit before consumption. Under three minutes for a meal? I’ll take it!

However, the convenience and ease of preparation is pretty much the only similarity these flavorful bowls share with dollar store instant noodles. The Agile bowls are vegan and, of course, gluten-free. (I’m scarfing them down as I type this.) When scanning the label, you’ll find that the seasoning pack is full of easy-to-read ingredients such as delicious spices, extra virgin olive oil, dehydrated tomatoes, spinach, and more. And, because all ZENB pasta is formulated with just one ingredient, yellow peas, you’re good to go in the carb department as well. The awesome upside of these healthy components: Each bowl has tons of protein, fiber, and flavor.

And, with options including Cauliflower Tikka Masala, Mexican Street Corn, and — my favorite — Red Pepper Harissa, each of these easy bowls are quite literally delicious and nutritious. The Agile cut works here similarly to arborio rice in risotto: It soaks up seasoning and provides ample glutenous texture for a bite thats springy, moist, and jam-packed with flavor.

These microwaveable bundles of yum come to the rescue in all sorts of hungry situations. Walking out the door with no time for a meal? Check! Need a quick, easy work lunch? Look no further! Not in the mood to cook a whole dinner? Message received! And, while the instant meals do their job perfectly within their pre-prepared containers, I’ve found I’ll often empty mine out into a bowl with a little side salad and remind myself that it takes practically no work at all to indulge in the most scrumptious meal of the week.