Zelen Home Store: Table Top Finds in LA

[Grant, our new LA editor, gets things started with a store review… all LA… all table top. Welcome, Grant!]

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Squeezed in-between a high-end mid-century modern furniture showroom and an ancient printing press, Zelen Home Store is a bit of a secret treasure trove of unique and often one-of-a-kind pieces. As storeowner Dan Zelen explains, “I try to find and carry new items that are not sold in any other store in LA or anywhere close.”

Some favorites include heavy white onyx plates and delicate agate bowls in a variety of sizes, some so small, they’d be perfect for salt-cellars on an elegant dining table. The store carries a line of chunky modern bar-ware and to go with it, custom-made martini picks. I particularly like a line of pure white dishes from Japan, which includes squat, little mugs with no handles.

But what really sets the store apart, are the well-chosen vintage stemware and other random curiosities. I especially love the line of reissued hand pounded Allen Adler sterling silver although I’d have to take out a small loan to buy any. In fact the prices can range from great deals to outrageously expensive. However the selection is very well edited and changes frequently.