This Adjustable, Travel-Friendly Dog Bowl Improves My Pup’s Posture and Eating Habits

published Apr 11, 2022
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Credit: Anna Spaller

After our old, sweet, and mellow lab passed away a few years back, we started to think about getting ready to have another four-legged friend around the house. And sure, we knew a puppy would be lots of work and probably very different from an older, ailing dog who just wants to rest and be loved, but I don’t think we really understood what we were in for. As much as we love Lady (that’s our new dog’s name), to say she is energetic would be an understatement. It takes seven miles of hiking and two 30-minute sessions of intense ball-throwing to get her to put down her favorite toy and rest. Plus, being the smallest of a large litter left her with food-guarding issues, which means she has lots of mealtime anxiety and tends to eat extremely quickly, inhibiting proper digestion. After watching her chow down in seconds and seeing (and hearing… ) the discomfort that followed, I knew I needed to do something to help her out. Enter: the Zee.Bowl.

With a non-slip grip on the bottom, the adjustable-height Zee.Bowl stays put even as my hungry pup devours her dinner. I keep it at its tallest extension, and the added height and stability noticeably slow Lady down. She now spends more time eating (even if that means 45 seconds instead of 12… ). Since feeding her with the Zee.Bowl, I haven’t heard one single post-dinner burp — her tummy and my ears are grateful, believe me! 

To raise and lower the Zee.Bowl, just turn the base — easy peasy! Atop the base is a microwave-safe bowl that I use to heat up her broccoli (my girl gets a full array of nutrients in her meals) before adding in kibble and supplements. When she’s done eating, I just pop that slobbery dish straight into the dishwasher, and it’s as good as new in time for breakfast. And since Lady and I are constantly on the go — whether heading to the mountains to hike, the beach to run, or the park for a playdate — I got a second Zee.Bowl to keep in the car. Since it’s so versatile and portable, I can feed Lady from anywhere, no matter the height difference between the ground she is standing on and where the bowl is placed. 

The Zee.Bowl features a sleek and subtle ombre color scheme — there are eight to choose from, including Coral, White, Blue, and Patrol (green). Whether I fill it with water or food, feed my pup at home or on the go, extend it to its tallest height or keep it compact, it’s by far the prettiest and most practical dog bowl I have ever owned. And Lady approves, too.

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