This Tiny, $18 Tool Outworks Every Other Gadget in My Junk Drawer

published Apr 15, 2023
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Messy kitchen drawer
Credit: Sarah Crowley

The junk drawer is the catch-all for everything that doesn’t have another home in the kitchen. Scissors, tape, paper clips, miscellaneous gadgets — it isn’t necessarily full of junk, but it’s definitely a pain point for those striving for an organized kitchen. Luckily, I recently tested a product that does so much that it can replace almost all of the gadgets that are currently living in my kitchen’s junk drawer.

I was so excited to try this Zibra Open-It! All-in-one Tool — something that can do so much, I almost didn’t believe it would live up to its claims. It’s the size of a small pair of pruning shears, and it’s a powerful workhorse that I don’t know how I lived without. Seriously — it has earned a new spot in my (now far more spacious) junk drawer.

The tool functions as strong scissors, which are always a necessity in the kitchen — from cutting flower stems to opening sealed foods. The scissors are angled, making it super easy to open tricky plastic packaging without cutting yourself on sharp plastic. They’re also great for snipping zip ties. This tool comes in especially handy after opening holiday or birthday gifts because opening the toys, gadgets, and other packaged gifts is addressed with one convenient tool. 

In addition to the scissors, the multi-tool contains a bottle opener, plus a pop-out razor blade in one of the handles, which I use all the time for opening mail or packages. Hidden in the other handle is a small screwdriver — you know, the one you always have to hunt for to open the battery compartment on those kids’ toys or remotes. Yet again, the Zibra Open-It! comes to the rescue. Grab it, change the batteries on the spot, and be your kids’ hero. 

Not only does the Zibra Open-It! put so many useful tools at my fingertips, but it also does it without taking up much space. In fact, the tool creates space in my junk drawer because it takes the place of a whopping five tools. I love the Zibra Open-It! — it’s absolutely worth the $17.99 price tag, and I enthusiastically recommend it to everyone I know. What other tool can do this much, in such a small package?